Thursday, July 30, 2009

bombing massacre

ive got waaay too much time on my expense,
whats with the quarantine and all.
(somehow the word quarantine reminds me of quentin tarantino. ala dekat dekat la tu.)

so, shall we talk about my Indonesia trip.
and no, i believe that was not where i got H1N1.
thank you for asking.

makan makan at the overpriced OldTown at LCCT right before we boarded the plane.

playing Ninja and Abu Sayyaf waiting for the delayed plane.

sneaking Chipsmore Dadah(because its so addictive) dalam plane yang sempit.

kitorg racer sebenarnya, tak tau ke? the hotel in which we stayed in the first night after jalan jalan in front of Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot. It was 5 mins from said hotels.

Imagine our surprise the very next morning when cabdrivers refused to take us around due to 'di ritz carlton itu udah dibom mbak. jalan ny juga lagi ditutup. ngak bisa deh. macet! maaf ya'. Macet being jalan sesak. :D

in front one of the quirky factory outlets. Malaysia's factory outlets are slums as compared to Indonesia's. XP

at Paris Van Java indulging in good food. The place was awesome and pretty. One thing that we noticed was that Bandung was infested by hot chicks. But it was so hard to find a Nicolas Saputra lookalike. Hampa. :(

The Eggman and The Walrus. Coo-coo-ka-choo!

jalan jalan. Main transportation : Angkutan Kota. Like a combination of a minibus and ugly school van. But its ultra cheap tho. Backpackers style baby! :)

the opposite of Tongkat Ali. ;)

jjeahh! i have my own kedai in Indonesia okay! haha.
FYI, that is what the K in Merissa K. stands for.

in Dago. ada Petronas okay! Whoot Whoot! hehe
But bukan Mesra uhh, Suria. :D

Alright, im gonna take a pause right here.
Penat la upload upload gambar.

And i cant even function properly so im a bit slow when it comes to coming up with words.
Will be back for more, i hope.


A'a said...

you went to bandung!! niceeee!

Igniz said...

so that 'K' stands for i know:)

Merissa K. said...

so i did. :D heheh. but takde gambar scenery and shit pun. just us. hoho.

yeap yeap. Merissa Kartika. :) now you know.. haha

miserlyn said...
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