Friday, August 14, 2009

was back from clearing bloody MobWars apafuck application kat Facebook

Was just talking about this over a cup of teh tarik with my homies last night.
I'd better tell you right from the start no? (ceyhhh, budget macam cerita suspense thriller mana)

Iylia and I opened a booth at Bijou Bazaar a few months back, and obviously, the place was infested with childhood friends, ex-schoolmates, jiran sebelah rumah, kawan baik punya Auntie yang hot. Semua ada la.

Bo was around too (after a gazillion years tak jumpa, his hair dah macam BESAR gilaaaa okay. dulu besar rambut Dzul je. Now, dah Rastaman gila!) and dropped by dekat our stall with his chinese girlfriend (im not being a racist, sumpah tak, just that this detail is kinda important in the story to follow. hehh)

okay, google tak jumpa yang lagi besar. letak gambar Facebook nanti takut Bo marah. LOL. tapi serious besar kaaaaaan?

Anyway, considering that it was a bazaar, obviously you cant expect a department-store-like changing room that can fit a baby elephant if required la kan? This teeny surau (i dont know if we can even call it that, considering muat muat je letak satu sejadah. ok la, two at most) and the toilet became the bilik persalinan (budak sekolah, tak payah berangan nak camwhore ambik gambar dalam mirror tipu yg nampak kurus, bawah orange lighting. hoho.)

So, Bo's girlfriend wanted to try something on(sumpah tak ingat apa benda exactly) but hesitated because of the lack of changing room. So i suggested that she try it on in the surau.

Bo : Sayang, go la try in the surau!
Gf : Surau? Dont want laa. Takut!
Bo : Laaa. what are you takut about? just go laa, its okay.
Gf : Tak naaak. Segan laa nak masuk surau! Its okay la, ill just look at this (insert clothing item here) from here je laa.
Bo : B!! Go lah and change. How would you know whether or not it fits if u tak try it on?
Gf : But its a surau laa. Takut nak masuk. Nanti what would people say..
Me : *sambil sengih sengih sebab rasa the whole thing macam comel* Babe, you should just go and try it there. Everyone's doing the same thing anyway. Memang it doubles as a changing room pun. Selamba je.

Okay. I dont remember the conversation exactly cuz its been months. So sorry la if ada tertolak tambah. Heheh.

I think it was uber cute of her sebab she genuinely looked hesitant and a teeny weeny bit scared and segan (or maybe it was a diff set of emotion altogether) to step into the surau. Hehh. Bo pulak muka eager habis. The contrast was just amusing. :)

Hmmm. On a totally unrelated note, ive got a Chindian friend who looks sebijik macam Melayu. Serious, muka melayu habis tapi tengok IC : Kajendran Ganesan (Kajen, if u want me to retract this sebab tiba tiba ada orang mintak autograph masa jalan, sila bagitau okay?)

Anyway, this one day he went to a temple wearing those kain balut balut (okay, sorry, serious tak tau apa nama benda tu) and everybody was staring at him. You could see ada bubble on their head with 'what the hell is this Malay kid doing here? Sesat ke apa?' scribbled all over it.

Hmm. Makes me wonder if i should saja saja visit a temple and a church just to see what its like. But then again, huhu, takut lah. :P

p/s: Bo, am reminded of the kilt days. hoho. (hani, ingat tak?) "What happens in OU stays in OU". whee. hahah.


Shira-chan said...

Generally, most chindians mmg look like malays. >__>

Merissa K. said...

kan? (read: donovan chan) haha.

tapi like, damn kesian, i remember kajen telling me that dia kena pukul sebab tak pergi friday prayers or something like that back in school.

dah habis pukul baru they found out that he's not a muslim pun. pfft.

kesian. tak pasal pasal je.

sad said...

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