Sunday, February 21, 2010

being in love is sort of like getting high

isnt it?

its dope. thats for starters.
okay okay hear my argument out.

realize that when you're in love (especially during the honeymoon period), you sort of become oblivious to any bad things that happen to you.
any little screw up that occurs, you simply brush it aside.
because you're insanely abnormally happy, you simply dont realize things that go wrong.

is that not just how people act when they are in a dopey state?
Like in Afroman's Because I Got High, his entire life was turned upside down, did that upset him? Hell no.
He laughed a rastafarian laugh and wrote a song about it.

And you sort of become extra emotional about things.
U become extra jealous, extra mushy, extra sensitive, extra horny, extra paranoid, extra friendly.

Now, tell me,
did i or did i not get that right?


miera said...

i kinda agree with u :p

farhana ghafar said...

i like this!!! agree! :)

s h a g o o said...

nothing is forever, nothing is for real.

sad said...

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