Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reasons Why Girls Go Crazy in Relationships

There's a reason why there's a book called 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'.
(sebab they act and think and feel differently, memang mcm 2 different species of aliens!)

And there is also a reason why the readers are made up of more women as compared to men.
(sebab dudes just dont care enough to read self-help books on relationships)

Now girls, listen carefully.
Since you (eh , eh, i meant WE) are the ones who always cries the hardest when a relationship comes to an end, let me tell you what i have learnt so far.

1. JANGAN jealous tak tentu pasal.
i know some of you feel that simply because he's your boyfriend, you have every right to invade his privacy. YOU DON'T. please, for the sake of Eve's name, don't go all psycho and check through his stuff.

ok lah, the random phone spot check untuk tengok whether dia menggatal dengan betina lain once every 2 months, boleh la lagi diterima akal. but it is NOT ACCEPTABLE if you hack through his emails and read through his every chat history. it is also not acceptable that you tarik muka, each time a friend or a classmate of his who happens to be a girl calls or text him.

kalau agak agak nak buat perangai macam tu, it's better off if you couple dengan kera sumbang dalam hutan, no? give him his space to have friends and to do his own thing.

if you're gonna keep a tight leash on his neck at all times, at one point or another, he's gonna get so suffocated that he's gonna break free and pergi cari perempuan lain yang tak kan go all psycho each time dia dalam toilet, tak angkat phone call.

2. The Whole Crying and Playing The Damsel-in-Distress Card Only Works When You Dont Use It Every Other Day.
Crying is our weapon. Yes, yes. It is so widely known selama bercenturies centuries lamanya that even the boys know that already (yes, lelaki tak la sebodoh yang disangka).

You are allowed to shed some tears, but use it only when dah takde option lain! Jangan menangis sebab you asked him to beli kan Chipsmore but he got you Oreos instead. Itu dayus version perempuan nama dia!

3. Dont chase after him like a dog.
I know you probably think that in this age, dah tak payah kot nak play games. Let me tell you one thing, STILL KENA!

Guys are born with an ego that is much much bigger than their brain and dick combined! They like to be the one chasing. So when you chase them around too much, itll take the thrill away from them.

Duduk diam diam. Tak payah nak message dia 5 juta kali sehari. I mean, come on, seriously, do you really need to know the colour of the shirt that he wears to class, and how many glasses of water that he drank for lunch? Tak perlu tak perlu.

OK, so listen to me and be a good girl. Give him time to miss you. Let him chase you. It's more fun that way, anyway. :)

Im going out now. I shall add more Do's and Dont's when i come back. Dont miss me too much.



FarA said...

agreed 10000000000001%

as for the book, found it at home! a good book hahahahahaha. lol. microwave and oven *hint hint*

fitri oh fitri said...

take2, sje je gedik pompuan. haha.
no offense!


GGK said...

is this a hiiiiiiiint..... ?
*kecikkan mata*

Abudi Alsagoff said...

wohoo!! this is really a good post! thumbs up! ace!

Merissa K. said...

Fara :
have never even read the book. seems too dr. phil-like to me. tak berminat. hahaha. i loved 'he's just not that into you' tho. lebih membantu. haha.

Fitri :
eh nama kita sama! haha. anyway, take2? oh dont worry, none taken. i dont fancy jadi damsel in distress anyway. :)

hint apa kah? hahahaha. ini tips untuk berjaya cemerlang dalam hidup! LOL.

Abudi :
thank you, love. XD lama tak dengar from u btw. tch.

Syaza Izzati said...

kudos to this one baybeh! somehow we girls do things we never realize doing. agak malu but heck, girls will be girls and guys will always be guys! lol. ;) xoxo

nisa ~ shasha said...

tasha, da brp lama u wat kajian ni?? hehes..

GGK said...

You know ....men only need 2 things if you really want them to spent times with u.

1. Food
a hungry man is never a happy man. if you dont feed him, he will venture out into the unknown looking for food or worst looking for someone who can provide the said food.

2. Sports and Technology
There are 2 main type of men. those who enjoy sports and those who loves technologies. These 2 needs can coexist or be fully dominant over the other.

nevertheless men must fullfilled these needs by watching the sports ie: Football, or playing latest video games. If this needs un fullfilled by you, he will spent less time with you and fill it at his friends or 'Friend' house or work.

i thankyou.


Merissa K. said...

Syaza :
i knowwwwwww. kaaaan. its like, we never learn! and they never change jgk. pfft.

Shasha :
ehhhhhh. u pun ada blog jgk. sampai hati i tak tau pun before ni.

arent u forgetting one very vital thing? hohoho

GGK said...

u are naughty.....

...my automoexpletiveword censor mode was on..thats why i leave it.


hamlet said...

power pompuan. U got ur own style of writing. *tapik spring*

Just_najmiE said...

men are also the jealous type u know.. nak networking pun tak boleh.. haishhh..

but nice post!.. good job! (^^,)

Merissa K. said...

im hardly naughty. just very very curious. ;P

Hamlet :
thank you cik abang. hows married life now yo?

Najmie :
oh yes, of course you cant rule that out. :) hehehe. ala pandai pandai la siapa siapa yg mkn cili who wants to perasan pedas! :D