Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Euphonious 2010

I'm almost a week late.
But hey! Since when have i cared all that much about punctuality pun huh?

I went, clad in yellow, in support of :

They were every bit as awesome as i thought they would be.
Watching the housemates up there dan rakan rakan yang lain, it made me so proud to be their groupies.
Rasa macam kawan dengan artis! (woot woot! hahahaha)

It felt good to watch the whole event from the audience seat btw.
Rasa this sense of freedom and liberation.

Anyway, I havent gotten the finals video yet. It's with Iylia, malas nak cari thumbdrive ambil (memang dasar pemalas! bilik tiga langkah je pun nak malas jugak! hish)

I think they achieved something magical that night. And i left that night with the biggest smile on my face.

Kami kami yang dah resemble athlete athlete rumah kuning,
dengan tak malu nya went to stand kat tengah tengah alam with the poster yang Maria made.
Sambil nyanyi jerit jerit.
The emcee siap asked us to lompat lompat behind her while she asked for people to vote for Salmah&The Swingers.
Groupies tegar yaww.
(ala takpe la. apa point jadi senior kalau tak blh nak muka tebal no? :P)

Lahai lahai sekelian, you have no idea how amazed i am with you guys.
Terima kasih atas magic yang dikongsi.

I loved last weekend.
Semua cinta hati came back to UTP.
My comot , Ali, Zalikha Anas, Nurul Aain, Adreen, Ikram, Nyet, Chep.
Was good to have everyone under the same roof again.

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Drum Kit said...

Terima Kasih Merissa K.
Terima kasih byk2x!