Thursday, April 22, 2010

my knight in monkeysuit ;)

tepat 4.22am,
my journey wouldve completed another cycle.

tak tahu whether i should cry with joy
or just conventionally cry.

eh eh eh.

this time years ago
i embarked on a journey
that made me the happiest girl on planet (albeit briefly).

and from that journey,
i have learnt more than i thought i was capable of.

i learnt that there are so many lessons in life that cant be taught.
i learnt that rules sometimes come with exceptions.
i learnt that your heart remains the strongest guide you have.

and most importantly,
i learnt that love, is enough.

screw materials, and screw emotional baggages.
if you sincerely love,
and your love is returned just as sincerely,
that it radiates every inch of your life,
and put the sparkle in your eyes
and shines the darkest days ahead of you.

then, THAT, is enough.

dzulhazmi shaarin, thank you for these lessons. :)


Just_najmiE said...

awwwwwwww... =')

Merissa K. said...


awwww sebab u awwwwww. hehehe

GGK said...

dzulhazmi shaarin