Sunday, May 2, 2010

Semua sebab conversation

Someone wise (Afiq) once told me:
once you start working, the only thing you have left to keep you going is similar interest. Macam saya, kalau saya penat-penat balik kerja, saya balik rumah nak cerita pasal music. Kalau Iylia tak layan music, susah lah.

Haa. ambik kau.
verbatim aku tulis.

But, it's true, i think.
Companionship tu tak de apa apa kalau u dont have something solid to fall back on.
Faham tak i cakap apa?

My relationship is of a VERY dysfunctional nature.
Dysfunctional sangat sampai i dont have the heart nak tulis kat sini.
And many have asked why i stuck by.
Why neither one of us could just pack our bags, and leave Akademi Fantasia.
eh eh.

I guess the answer would be :
because we have great conversations.

Because he is intelligent and understanding.
Because he knows what i'm thinking about without me having to say it.
Because he points out things about me yang i sendiri pun tak pernah notice.
Because with him, i can talk about ANYTHING and i know he understands.

Technically saying, we dont have any similarities langsung.
Total polar opposites.

I'm crazy about books.
He has never finished reading a whole book.
(eh jap. ada satu. a book that i got him for his bday)

He's a movie buff.
Ive never known how to appreciate movies the way one would appreciate art.

But when i talk about books, he will analyze the plots of the book with me. And fikir sama sama what the author might be thinking about when they wrote what they wrote. And link it with real-life situations.

And he taught me how to watch, instead of see. It was him who made me see the cinematography wonders in movies. And the moral underneath the script. The sarcasm. The dark humour. The story behind the story.

It sounds stupid and trivial.
But it's important.
When you're really passionate about something, you want to share them with someone.
And bila dapat share that passion with someone you love, dia jadi macam superduperpassionatewootwoot and buat semua benda jadi lagi best.

I used to love flirting for no reason dengan orang orang random.
It's not because i'm a slut ke apa.
Intriguing sebenarnya how a human mind works.
And i'm a curious cat.
I like finding out how people react when teased and complimented.

And with him, i could discuss flirting in all technicalities.
Macam, kalau guna pick up line ni,
orang yang macam ni akan reply macam ni.
orang yang macam tu akan reply macam tu.

Ish. susah la nak cakap.
It's just really awesome when you can have solid conversations at all times.
Walaupun topic sangat bodoh, tapi conversation tu blh jadi sangat interesting.

These days,
bila jarang jarang bersembang,
i jadi rinduuuu gila macam apatah.
Rindu conversations, and rindu tuan punya badan.

Bila nak avoid rindu, baca buku.
Bila habis baca buku, sedih gila sebab takde orang nak sembang with about the book.

You know that saying, 'when you love someone you have to let them go'?
All this while i thought that the statement is for orang orang yang kena hijack by a third person.
So, u have to let your loved ones go to that other person.
If you are indeed the better person, they will soon realize it and come back to you.

Today i learnt that that wasnt necessarily what it means by letting go.
for couples who got together dari zaman muda muda, and tak experience banyak lagi benda,
at a certain point, you have to let go.

Let the other person experience life without you.
Experience the things that he can't with you in the picture.
Experience life.
Sebab, like it or not, that's a phase in life that you can't skip.

Sama macam belajar ABC. Semua orang kena belajar. These phases are simply that. The ABCs of life.

Sometimes kena redha je.
And tunggu je lah kalau sanggup.
Kalau tak sanggup, walk away.
Tapi, by walking away, you might miss out on something gilababiawesome.
Your pick.


Elena said...

Thank you Sha. This is perfect.


Oh. And I love you. Hee.

dura said...

loveeeee ittt!!! u reach that level of contentness! yeay!!
im trying to figure out what me and don have in common.. since music, movies, careers two different paths... but at the end of the day its the conversation :D

Merissa K. said...

Elena :
(oh i masih tak boleh sebut nama tu dengan lancar rupanya. haha)
You know i love you too! and you know jugak how much u and Afit inspired me kan? :)

Dura :
but the journey to discovery was very very the rocky one okay. hahaha. im sure u know. ;)
oh and i know, tgk korang punya facebooks pun i can tell.

Everyone Else :
dua orang yang comment kat atas ni punya relationship teramat lah diidolakan. :D relationship like theirs la yg i tgh strive to get. XD

Isumaru said...

sha, excellent post!

as a single guy, you make me wanna love. ;)

Merissa K. said...

thank you for that, ismal yg hensem. hahaha.
terasa appreciated. :P

s h a g o o said...


and thanx babe teman me to penang.

ezral Sya said...

Conversation mati, relationship pun mati :( it's all about communication kan.

Bila nak hidupkan balik something yg dah mati, gila susah. Butterflies in stomach datang balik everytime nak try cakap dengan dia. Haha tragic doh :/

Lya said...

i don't like posts like this. it makes me feel like i made the wrong choice. *senyum macho ala i-am-strong-don't-worry-about-me* :P

Afiq Abd Malik said...




cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Haaa...we're going to the same direction. i wrote about this just recently. kadang2 kan...u don't have to have anything in common pon...

just a matter of good conversation:)

tp kalau asek gado...gud ke? i don't believe in gado2 sayang nieh:P

Merissa K. said...

Shagoo :
saya tgh tunggu gambar nak buat post penang. heheh.
tak payah thank you thank you. i yang patut thank YOU sebab belanja vacation free. heheh.

Ezral Sya :
oh ini faham sangat. hahaha. takde good conversation is equivalent to ada rokok, takda lighter. tak guna jugak. huhu.

and yes, kalau takde lighter, susah nak light rokok. ok analogy dah merepek.

butterflies? on bad days, rasa mcm ada elephant pijak pijak dalam perut pun ada. haha.

Lya :
hahaha. part yang mana? yang conversation or yang letting go tu?

alaa, tenang tenang saja. mana ada such a thing as wrong choice when it comes to lurrrrve. semua pun fixable. ;)

Afiq :
LOL balik. :)

Cheryna :
gaduh lain, argument comel comel lain. hoho.

tapi tak boleh lari la dari gaduh gaduh sayang, kan? siapa suka? takde sapa. tapi it's necessary.
kalau tak semua jadi constant saja.

joynstar said...

quote : I used to love flirting for no reason dengan orang orang random.
It's not because i'm a slut ke apa.
Intriguing sebenarnya how a human mind works.
And i'm a curious cat.
I like finding out how people react when teased and complimented.

it's OK, same here, no harm until you go across the limit.

zalikha anas said...

this is too beautiful for sort of answered my questions.terima kasih fithri natasha,pagi2 i baca dkt office nak nangis dah k :)

FarA said...

Encik Afiq and his wise words. ahah very true indeed.

very, very, true :)

Merissa K. said...

Joynstar :
hahaha. you mean, dah dapat result boleh la conclude experiment kan? ;)

Ika :
awww jangan nangis nangis please? nanti i nangis sekali. heheh.

Fara :
hahahah. glad to know that u agree.
p/s : afiq ni mmg sumber inspirasi lah kan? haha.

Obefiend Weiland said...

jika relationship disfungsi baik cabut sahaja..


it lead to nowhere

nailaQistina said...

i seriously love this :)

Merissa K. said...

Effie :
tapi bukan semua orang boleh jadi macam kamu dan cik cleo. :)
kata orang, rezeki jgn ditolak. hahah.

Naila :
oh terima kasih terima kasih. :D

Delina said...

Tasha, this is a moving entry :)
Thank you. (love+hugs)

(the word verification is "tersepit")

Merissa K. said...

Delina :
i was taught by some very wise ppl. (hint : ur sister) heheheh.

(love + hugs) jugak.
tee hee!

tersepit nooooo!