Monday, May 10, 2010

space cookies are yummy. this has nothing to do with my post. i just think they're yummy

last weekend proved that I :
- am a lazyass
- need to get laser eye surgery because without my glasses/lenses, ive mistaken a kid jogging in his Arsenal kit with a CAB. -_-
- love sleep more than anything. eh wait. that's not true. there's about two things that i love more than sleeping. and theyre both actually done best right before sleeping. hmm.
- have short term memory loss.
- love bruises.
- am clingy

ok. dah cukup.


s h a g o o said...

ha ha ha ha ha!

*tak perlu explain kenapa i gelak kot, kan?

ha ha ha ha ha !

wana said...

haha i pn suke b4 and after sleeping tu. :P