Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love.

For any relationship to work,
it is important that you have Faith.
Even when it seems like Faith doesnt want anything to do with you.

To be able to trust and to understand is not everybody's forte.
But if you find someone who is willing to give just as much as you would, then perhaps you've stumbled onto something that a lot of people out there is still seeking for (and for some, still trying to believe in).

When it comes to this topic,
I'm just as clueless as the next person.
As years passed by, bringing with it an additional digit in my age, it becomes more and more important to me to try and figure it all out.

But the #1 rule of life is that it is unpredictable.

So, for the time being, this is all i can tell you.

1) Somebody once told me, sometimes it's a good thing to rock the boat a little just so you'll know that you are on the right boat and that the boat is strong enough, but don't overdo it because it might just topple over. Sometimes, in order to test whether or not you've made the right decision, you have to challenge it. Call it a test if you like. 

But sometimes, in discovering whether or not you're on the right path, there is a possibility that you'll stray from your destination. The key is to delve into your heart and soul, but at the same time do not be too hard on yourself. You never know, you might be pushing something good away without you even realizing it.

2) HAVE FAITH at all times. It has to come from you because it is unfair to ask someone else to have faith for both of you. There might be a point in time in which the person's faith won't be enough to cover both your asses.

3) If you've come across someone that's good for you, don't let go of them in the search of someone better. There's always going to be someone better out there, ALWAYS. But that does not mean that they will be good for you. The grass will always be greener on the other side, and if you keep seeking for something better, you might lose something that is already the best for you.

4) For whatever reason, do not string someone along just because you're lonely. Don't give false hopes and by restraining from being selfish, hopefully you will be rewarded with happiness. Ive seen it happen before my eyes waaaay too many times already. People leading other people on for selfish reasons. It might be fun at first, but mark my words, if you are not sincere, it will end on a bitter note.

5) It's hard to let people in. But if you pick the right person, that one person could lift all your worries away and light your entire world. And to have that person let you in as well is something magical that money can't buy.

Are you fleeing from Love because of a single humiliation?
What do you know of Love except the name?
Love has a hundred forms of pride and disdain,
and is gained by a hundred means of persuasion.
Since Love is loyal, it purchases one who is loyal:
it has no interest in a disloyal companion.

6) At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. If things go your way, simply be grateful and treasure it like a gift from God (which it is). If it doesn't, then you should figure out the errors in your way and right your wrongs. Shame on you if you refuse to learn from your mistakes. It can only make you a better, stronger person and that's a gift more precious than anything you could ever think to ask for. 

7) It is NEVER too late. We all have regrets, but some of us still have enough time to erase them. 

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