Tuesday, April 12, 2011

of little little things that are huge

i think i might have been to dark and murky these past few weeks.
*thunder blaring in the background*
(eh, but seriously, it just started pouring heavily outside. frosty weather at 430 in the morning. awesome stuff)

you know, i like my hair now. the hair balances my unnaturally high testosterone level.
though i have to admit i sometimes miss my Justin Bieber-esque hair.

ala, time zaman zaman ni :

zaman muda rambut karat jiwa rancak.

it feels like an entire lifetime sometimes.
and the people around me, theyve orbited around too. 

sesungguhnya, rindu teramat kat mereka mereka ni :


on another note, ive been promising myself (and my roommate) to clean up my pigsty of a room. ive still got 7 dozens books to read. at this point, i think im capable of giving Proscrastination a run for its money.


earlier today, i got upset because my 'Shift' button was acting up on me. It suddenly went apeshit and i was a lousy person to chat with for quite a bit (if i wasnt one already) what's with all the symbols working against me. i ended up winking when i just wanted to smile.

anyway, it's working now. (the way i see it, the computer fairy waved its wand and single-wandedly fixed the 'Shift' button). I got excited and began composing this post.


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