Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please dont try to hit on me.
Im not strong enough to say no.
Its not that i dont know my limits. I do.
It will just make it a lot easier for me if you're not hitting on me.

Or so the lines ive heard.

I guess some people just try really hard to make expense for their mistakes. And i guess we cant blame these ppl. Its human nature kan?

Laila posted a new post on her blog about the actions you should take when your Darling dearest cheats on you and well, got into somebody else's pants.

To those who knows my story, im sure u know that picked Option E: tell the whole world and turn it agains them.

Well, if you're gonna suffer, why not drag the person who's responsible for it along eh?

But thats just me.

This is really a pointless post. I was going to blog about something else. But i just couldnt find it in my heart to tell the whole world. Not yet. Not until the person im concerned about sleeps with somebody else. Hahaha. That was a joke. No, really. LOL.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

There was once a girl who easily gives her heart away even to those undeserving.
Endless times she cried.
Endless time she had her heart shattered to pieces.
And one day she grew up.

She no longer cries herself to sleep.
And no longer does unreturned love become an issue.

One night she heard a song.
And something somewhere inside her ignited.
She burst out, bawling like a baby.
After having forgotten for so long, she remembered her pain.
She remembered the stories with no happy ending.
The ones without even an ending.

And that night, she remembers how painful it was.
And she couldnt stop the tears, no matter how hard she tried.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Lion King

Ugh. Tomorrow would be the first day of my Third Year Student era.
I cant help but feel old.
Seemed just like a moment ago, we were the foundation kids who looked at the 3rd years and think that they're like, besar.


For all i know, the next time i blink, ill be working and married with two kids.
Okay. So i blinked it still hasnt happened yet. But it will. Soon. Before i even have the chance to say 'Fast'.

I havent unpacked yet.

Oh. and i need to get a better graphic card. I cant play Guitar Heroes with this one. Garr.