Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Old conversations can be renewed.
Old kisses can evoke new sensations.
Just the way old antiques can be polished.

Life can be ironic that way.
As if it's consciously choosing to play a joke on you while mischievously laugh at you in mockery.

Signs loom around you,
urging you to discover the encrypted message lying beneath them.
But you'll only know when you know.
 - Which is not saying much.

So, here we go!
To wonderment and unlocked mysteries!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The more people expose themselves to someone, the more loyal they are to them.

That is why you should always put extra caution on who you expose your soul to - Because you will ultimately be bounded to this person in ways you dont even consciously realize, and it's mightily important that you do not give such amount of power to someone unworthy of it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mellow Monday

Whenever i reflect, i could always remember a time when i get really agitated because my patience was being tested.

Oh, the rush of youth!

Little did i know that i was required to wait for as long as i had to, simply because my youthful greed wouldnt have been able to handle the act of receiving anytime sooner.

The Wait had to be precisely that length to prepare me. Young souls can never truly appreciate that notion though. It has to be fast! It has to be right now, and not a minute later! And it has to be a lot Lot LOT!


Anything that does not happen gradually will give you shocks (and not the good ones, i might add). And anything that id not done in moderation will at some point over or underwhelm you.

So yes. That's our lesson for the day. That, and loving for the sake of the Creator means to love and act with grace rather than like a fanatic, urm, fan.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Silence lies answers.

You keep a picture of them.
in your wallet, on your facebook profile.
some photo album or scrapbook, in some dusty box along with a couple of ticket stubs and homemade DIY cards.
and you tell yourself that it does not mean anything. Though we both know, it clearly does.

For a long time, they seemed intent to convince you that YOU are their turning point in life, and you are the fixture that keeps themselves grounded. that a scene without you in it, is not an ideal setting.

But somehow, now, they're off and away, and they seem okay.
Okay without their turning point, their fixture.
Without you.

And so, you keep remnants of them, of the you-that-used-to-be,
of past lives and never-would-be futures. And you tell yourself, it's not that you can't or won't let go.
It's not that at all.

You just can't be bothered to fuss over a stupid picture.
It's just a picture.
It's just facebook.
It's just something you keep in a box stashed deep under your bed.
You don't want to waste your time or energy having to get rid of that thing-that-doesnt-mean-anything.

But that's exactly why you should rid yourself off it!
It's kind of how it's like with doctors - no matter how obvious a death is, they still need to vocalize the words 'This patient is dead' to the family.

There's something about the physical act of acknowledging non-physical pain. Sometimes, you just need to state the obvious.

because sometimes, the blunt truth is what people need to hear in order to be able to register the fact;
to start mourning it, so they can eventually continue on with their life without the company (or even the idea) of this entity, and be completely okay.