Thursday, September 25, 2008

please refer to my 'tanah' post


Dear Benjo,
A little hot birdie told me that my little post got you upset.
Please dont be.

With all due respect, N IS VERY SMART OK.

And this goes to everyone else out there who thinks that we're just a group of bimbos as well.

We're not.

We just sometimes like to pretend to be one so you dont know how smart we really are. :P

And we like to be reminded of the stupid things that we say when we hangout. BEst ok! :)

N, i love you tauu.


p/s: Selamat Hari Raya to all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Talking about Geography. Dont ask me how we got to talking about Geography please.

N: Oh. Ingat tak we had to study pasal climate.
Tasha: Oh yeah. And the types of tanah! Alluvium! Hahahaha.
N: Mana ada tanah alluvium! Aluminium la!
Zul: Err. Aluminium? Aluminium pun boleeehhh.
N: Mana ada tanah nama Alluvium! I belajar Geography ok!
Tasha: Yea. And i belajar Geology, Geomatics, Geotech, Foundation of Earth and Structures.

I Googled it. Yes! Ada alluvium soil!
Oh yes yes. Saya kiasu. I like to be proven right.

And N sebenarnya sangat pandai. Tetapi dia terlebih banyak ketawa pada waktu itu. Tentang status adik beradik Nuttin but Stringz la, blog posts yg kelakar dan juga seluar Aladdin. Maafkan dia.

Who wouldve thought that something actually stuck in my head despite those laziness nak pergi class?

*senyum sendiri

i want nasi lemak ayam goreng NOWWW

Today i discovered something new.

When i'm emotional, my writings are the equivalent of a 14 year old.
Tak best betul.

Oh. And i pretty much literally slept for 24 hours yesterday/today. Im gonna celebrate Raya with Panda eyes. Wuhuuu!

I blame it on The Shining by Stephen King(atau Stephen Gately bak kata roommate yang mahu menjadi sarcastic). Its a really good read, but i fall asleep every 27 pages. Fammit. Hee. My typo actually sounds cute.

And while reading, i learnt that providence means fate or destiny. My vocab is really sad. Its the equivalence of a fat guy trying to jog up a hill.

Seriously,i dont know whats with me and equivalences today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


All my life, ive always been surrounded by awesome friends.
Its a rare occurance for me to sit by myself without anyone around me.
And i guess, that is why i have never fully appreciated the power of having friends all around.

About a month ago, i came to a realization.
I had a fight with the boyfriend and we were not talking for a week.
Tho i was super stressed out, i tried not to think of it and went out with friends instead.
Good thing they were a fun lot!

All this while, ive always believed that i wont be able to survive without Zul(yeah cliche, i know).
But for once, i came to terms that it might actually be okay.

And as the fight led to a breakup, i would be in pieces if it werent for the people around me.
Of course, its also thanks to Zul for making so much effort to make things okay.

And again, for my 20th birthday, it seemed like its my birthday all week long.
Whats with the celebrations, and the birthday dinners, the presents and the crowd.

God, i feel so disayangi.

Here's to each and everyone of you.

Though i might not have said it often enough, i love you guys. If i said it out loud as often as i feel it, all of you would feel that im too clingy. Hehe.

Here's to my love, Dzulhazmi. To my housemates. To Zul's housemates. To my brothers who are already working. To Panda. To Koala. To old friends whom i thought have forgotten(you proved me wrong). To my classmates. Seriously, to everyone who cared enough.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

birthday buddies

Here's to my Birthday Buddies.

Syafiq Hanif, Kin Keong, Shaiful Dharma and Sofia Shaharom.

I love you guys to lil bits and pieces. We're all 20 now(except for Dharma who's 24!) Whoot whoot! Yeayyy. I love September 19. hahaha.

You guys are the greatest. Seriously. It must be the same-birthday bond or something. Hee hee. You guys have a great one. We have to get together and celebrate. Really. Dont cancel on me, itll break my heart. Haha. Tapi korg kena belanja la because im dead broke. Hohoohoho.

Again, HAPPY FABULOUS BIRTHDAY! if ur drinking, have one on me. If ur not, makan cake tu ingat ingat i ok?

Love love Loooooveeeee.

-fithri natasha merissa kartika
The whole day swooped by with me thinking tht its just another day.
Until we went to break fast just now and by accident Azik poured a jug of artificial grape juice down my lap. And i stormed up shouting 'FUCKER!!' upon noticing tht only my crotch is wet.

Azik smiled sheepishly and said 'errr. thts considered your bday celebration la ok? hehehe'

Only then did i notice tht OH YEAYYY. ITS MY BDAY TOMORROW!!

hee. promote promote.


and suddenly im excited now counting down to midnight. 5...4...3...2...KA-BOOSH!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i really despise Jerry Springer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hairdos and Hairdonts

Ohh. You have no idea how bored i am. And thus, ta-daa! I present to you my own personal hair mess.

Dated back from 2005(i cant go any further back than that. my pictures are waay to retarded for public viewing. heheh) up to date.

bosan. need i say more?

first attempt at coloring my hair. a disaster.

similar reason as stated above.

determined to get everything in purple those days.
and all i got was rambut yg rosak. haha.
padan muka.

i was mengada wanting to try on fringes.

tired due to many unsuccessful experiments, i finally let my hair be.
and it turns out, if untouched by my straightening iron, my hair is curly rupanya.

sick of the long hair, i chopped it off. Malaysia is too hot lah.

Ta-dah. There goes a meaningless post of a self-loving nature. Sorry syok sendiri post gambar banyak2. Hoho. I think im gonna go catch a movie instead.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

when people talk behind your back, you know you're ahead of them. :)

Dzul(thats the boyfriend) and I enjoy arguing in public.
You might say that we are attention-seekers.
Or you might also say that we are bigheaded and tak tahu malu.

But I say, the arguments that we have over a few cups of teh tarik suam and teh o ais are so that we can debate our points and laugh about it afterwards, with friends being the witnesses.

Often, these arguments end up as a big joke for the group.

And thats fine by us.

UNFORTUNATELY. There are ears around whom overhears the heated squabble and makes their own conclusion.

"If im him, i wouldve just left her. Why would anyone want to be with someone like her?"

said the observers.

Hahh! Honey, what gives you the right to judge me from afar?

Sure. I might have done things that you find inappropriate.

1) Im loud. When i talk the entire mamak can hear me.
2) I laugh hard. Perhaps thats not girly by your standard?
3) I curse like a robot programmed to do so. The female Bender of Futurama. hmmm.
4) I talk with my feet up a chair. Soo not ladylike ehh?
5) Oh. And of course. I puff away like nobody's business. So mcm lelaki kan?

Here's me defense reasons. Not that i owe u any explanation.

1) I come from a big family. At home, to be heard, you have to shout.
2) Same reason as above.
3) Been brainwashed by the guy friends.
4) Its more comfortable that way. If u dont like to be comfortable, then thts ur prob, not mine.
5) I picked the habit up because of a HUGE thing that happened to me 2 years back. I dont have any intention to tell u abt the incident. Nor do i expect u to understand.

All i've to say is that you've never taken the time to get to know me.
Or at least talk to me.
Which means you really dont know what ur talking abt.
And until you have been in a relationship with me, you really have no rights to determine whether or not my bf should dump me.

Just say hello, i dont bite. :)
Really, i dont.

You might think that ur better than me,but seriously, ur not.
Trust me.
Because unlike you, ive actually taken my time to befriend people like you.





This is supposedly my little brother.
Even though technically he's older than i am.

I missed wishing him on his birthday last 24th August.
And if i had nuts, id kick myself right there for forgetting.

Just the day before i made plans with his housemate to celebrate,
but come the day itself,
i totally forgot until the last possible moment.

i'm truly sorry Azik.
You know i love you and i wouldnt purposely forget ur bday.

I promise i wont forget next year.

Oh. This is a tad bit too late.
Yea i know.
But may ALLAH bless you.

You're a great blast to be around with.
And i really thank God that ur spending so much time with us.

You make us happy.
And so,in return, for ur bday, i hope ur ALWAYS happy !!

Love u bro.
Happy 20th Birthday!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russell Brand's statement that i would put as my YM status if it werent too long.

I saw the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 earlier on today.
All because the roommate nagged me to and i was shit bored.
Hee hee.

There was something that the host said that caught my attention and left me pondering hours after. This was what Russell Brand said (almost!) verbatim.

As a representative of the global community of visa or from abroad(???), i dont wanna come across a little bit biased but could i please ask of you people of America to please elect Barrack Obama. Please!

On behalf of the world! Some people.. some people.. i think they're called racists say America is not ready for a black President. BUT! I know America to be a forward-thinking country right? because otherwise, you know, would you have let that retarded cowboy fella be President for 8 years?

We were very impressed.. We thought it was nice of you to let him go, because in England, George Bush wont be trusted with a pair of scissors.

Oh. And that bit about Sarah Palin. Hah! That got me laughing hard. Imagine that boy literally masturbating with a condom on and actually burying it after. Tch.

Mr Brand was more like a stand up comedian instead of VMA's host. Anyways, back to what i was saying. I think it's real fresh to see politics being talked about and biased upon so openly. Ud never get that in Malaysia.

Try and make that kind of a statement on Anugerah Industri Malaysia(or is it Muzik?) or Anugerah Bintang Popular or Juara Lagu. Psst, thats about all of the award shows that we have in Malaysia right? you'd either get sent off to jail or get falsely accused of doing something that you have absolutely nothing to do with, and then get sent off to jail.


And they say we have the freedom of speech. Tch. Our country is rigged.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September Babies!

This is a few days late. But on the eve of 7th September, two of my favourite people in the world celebrated their bday. Whee. Gembira Gembira.

Dont you guys just feel OLD and WRINKLY? Tee hee.


Yea yea. Got muka Syafiq also, i know. But since bday Syafiq pun is only a few days away, tak pe la kan?

Anyways baby, here's to a few great years we've had together. Im soooo sorry i couldnt make it to your bday bash/farewell party. And im soo sorry that i couldnt sneak away from all these bloody work to send u off kat KLIA.

I know ur mad and that you probably hate my guts, but thats okay, because i know u love me anyways jugak. Haha. And i know ur gonna miss me. U better, cuz ill miss your skinny ass once ur all the way there.

Once i start working and dah kaya, ill come visit u. Promise promise. Please behave in UK nanti okay? We remember what happened last time, dont we? hehehe.

Dura, I love you super duper banyak. You've been my hommie for god knows how long dah. And thankssss for offering ur katil every single time i gaduh dengan Dzul. Thanks for being the best listener there is. I love youuuu. and i totally get why Don loves u jugak. Haha.

Ill miss you. I will. And Happy 21st Bday Darling!


Ya, happy 20th! Haha! Kamu dah lagi tua dari saya! LOL.

You're my twin sister(kononnya lah) and i will always always sayang kamu. We've been thru thick and thin and we always will(harapnya lah.)

Ur an adult now so you cannot join me buat perangai bodoh bodoh anymore. At least not for the next err 9 days. hehehe.

Getting you a bday present this year will be tough.
One, sebab im broke. Hehe.
And two, sebab it seems like ur already so happy. I dont know what to get you yg blh make you any happier.


Ilai, anda terbaiks.

Remember okay, kmk sayang ngan ktk. Mun ada pa pa, padah jak terus ngan kmk. Iylia ya ada sigek jak. Sik pat mok ganti ganti bah. Even mun ktk happy camney pun, even happy lalu ngan org lain, iboh lupa ngan kmk. Hehe.

Love you sis.


I think there has been a misunderstanding.
Like, seriously.

I need to find my happy place and hibernate there until the rut i am in now becomes a happy place again.

Ohh btw do you know that i get starstruck?
But not to real superstars.
Oh no no. If i come across the luckier bits of my schoolmates who made it big, silap besar la nak acknowledge them as "Artis Artis".

As far as i know, ur still that chubby comel guy who is a great flirt tapi tak pernah settle down dengan siapa siapa despite all those flirtings. Or just the botak junior who speaks English with an accent.

I still remember how i cringed when Sheena asked the Bonus Question while we were lepaking gembira bersembang sembang at Hartamas one day.

"Hey!! Ur that guy dalam Kami tu kan??" kata Sheena(and this is mid-conversation yg takde kena mengena langsung with said TV series.)
"Yeaa." Syarul(or nama glamour nya Ezani. Pfft) jawab sepatah and smiled.
"Ohh. *giggle giggle* My cousin has a crush on you!"

Tasha's inner monologue: OHhhh pleasseee Sheena! Ur cousin?? Are you seriouuss? Hahahaha. Dush Dush. Hantuk kepala kat dinding! Why why whyyy did you have to mention his celebrity status? Aduyaai.

No no no.

Im not starstruck to those people. So Gadaffi, dont worry. Should i happen to throw a party and u wont be able to make it, I wont go gugu gaga just because. Unlike some people we know, yeah? (Kan mizzie kan?)

Its more like people in campus yg extraordinarily cantik(oh yes. these crushes apply on girls too) or yg have extraordinarily good voice and skill bermain guitar to go(oh. cerita Dharma is cerita lama).

I cannot help it. I cant. Oh. But since i broke up with Zul over the whole Dharma thing,ive learnt not to act on it. Dangerous la. Nanti karma hits me, and Zul joins the next Starsearch and hooks up with the emcee baru padan muka!


Ok. This is just totally teramat random.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lelaki #13

Dear Diary,
This place is the absolute hell on earth.
Do people like these still exist, or is it just this place?
And it totally doesnt help that im alone.

Dear Diary,
Oh it turns out that im not alone after all.
I met him.
And though he's just another person, it helps that he's not like the rest of the population here.
And i think he's flirting.
I dont know. We'll see what happens tomorrow, wont we?

Dear Diary,
Ooooh. He's definitely flirting.
Good thing he already broke up with his girlfriend.
Otherwise id be in soo much trouble.

Dear Diary,
I was attacked by his girlfriend today.
Turns out that they're still together after all.
My bad?

Dear Diary,
Im leaving this hell-hole today
and i still havent had the chance to talk to him yet.
About everything and about nothing.
Its too bad i cant say goodbye.
ish. tak suka betul la bila gaduh dengan kamu tentang orang orang yang tak penting.
tentang lelaki lelaki yg tak beri kesan dalam hidup saya.


gw capek tau ngak?

tapi sebab saya sayang kamu, saya ulang sekali lagi.

mereka semua tak penting.
kamu yang penting.
jangan la letak saya dalam situasi yang awkward.
bila saya kata saya tak layan, saya tak layan lah.

saya tak tipu.

Monday, September 8, 2008


saya sayang awak.
saya sayang dia juga.

saya boleh terima banyak benda.
tapi ada benda yang ada batasnya.

there are things even i wont be able to swallow.

baik awak jaga jaga, sebelum semua orang nampak.
before everyone knows what is hidden underneath.
malu sendiri nanti.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

diary of a 9 year old

i used to have a little yellow duckie. or maybe it was orange in colour.
i cant remember.
but i took it wherever i went.
its probably not as special as the ones you used to have.
it doesnt make any kind of squeaky sound when u press its tummy.
nor does it have any exceptional talent.

its indifferent to those duckies that you can find at the pasar malam for a mere price of RM2.

but its my duckie.
and i was never bored of it.

until one day..
when i was busy playing with the new dolls Mummy got me, i abandoned Yellow Ducky(or maybe Orange).
and i left it somewhere.

I lost it.

I cried.
And i made Daddy call the police to report the missing duck.
But its lost.

And Ducky never found its way back to me.

p/s: Oh yes. This is metaphorically speaking sweethearts. :D

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lelaki #17

He was such a sweetheart.
Innocent, boyish look complete with the Beatles' hairdo.
Not to forget braces that make him talk as if he has a lisp.

He worked at a waffle store.
And he always showed up at the boutique she was working at, with a few waffles in hand.
Her lunch, his treat, he said.
And then he will flash that famous impish grin of his.

"he's so cute. and he likes you!!" her friends parroted repeatedly.
"yea yea. but his best friend is much cuter" was all she replied. every single time.

while he seemed like the nice guy, the bestfriend seemed more of a bad boy to her.
and that is certainly more appealing. or so she thought.

a few months went by. she never did get anywhere near woo-ing the bestfriend.
while Mr Nice Guy on the other hand, disappeared for months on end.
All she got was a few text messages every now and then and the random phonecalls.

One day, when she has successfully pushed both the dreamy good guy and his badboy bestfriend at the back of her mind, somebody appeared in front of her during her lunch hour.

"Its ur lunch time kan? I brought you some waffles." and smiled that signature grin that she has gotten so familiar with.

It was him. Only that it wasnt him.

New spiky haircut. The braces was no longer there.
And he has gotten all buff as if he has been working out. Real hard.

And his grin didnt look too boyscout-ish any longer. Its more of a sexy cheeky smirk now.

She gulped.
She felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach.
She felt all those metaphorical fireworks bursting inside her.
It finally hit her.

He stayed for a little while. She observed that he was no longer him.
She noticed that he's aware of his change as well. and mighty proud of it, come to that.
She knows that he no longer thinks of her the way he used to.
At least that explains the lack of phonecalls and messages from him nowadays.

After a few minutes of catching up, he told her he had to leave.
He hugged her goodbye, planted a kiss on her cheek, and walked away.
And she simply knew that that was the last time she'll see him.
And once he walked away, he would be gone for good.

And it turned out that she was right.

She still blames herself for being superficial and pushing away what couldve been hers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

21 Questions

I am answering these silly questions simply because im bored and sejuk.

Introducing, the love of my life(so far. hehehe.)

Does he have a girlfriend?
Only one that i know of, and it better be the ONLY one.

How old is this person?
Old enough to take care of me but not old enough to kahwin. Unfortunately. XD

Has he ever cooked for you?
For me yes. For you, hmm, you tell me!

Is this person older than you?
Yepp. By a year and 2 months.

Have you ever kissed this person?
Thats for me to know and for you to never find out. *grins* Have you??

Do you think he will repost this?
No he wont. He's a lazybum. Wont even update his Myspace or Facebook. Ni kan nak repost this stupid survey.

Could you live with this person?
Of course! I think ill function better living with him rather than without.

Why did you choose this person?
Because he's unlike any other guy ive met.
Because he doesnt bore me.
Because he's comel.
Because he can sing and fly and play bass.
Because he doesnt restrict me from doing anything.
Because while i talk a lot, he listens a lot.

I can go on you know.

How long have you known him?
3 years.

Have you ever been to the mall with this person?
Yeah yeah yeah. Where havent we been?

Have you ever had a sleepover with this person?
Yeah. Slumber party with some crazy people. Noin, u remember the pillow fight dontcha? And Nad, u remember that night Zul got us all that...oh nevermind..lets not mention that here. Hahah.

If you ever moved away, would you miss this person?
Hell yeah. I might cancel moving away just for that reason.

Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
Hahahaha. One time too many. And because its either stupid or illegal, id rather not tell the rest of you. :)

Do you know everything about this person?
Thats stupid. Nobody knows EVERYTHING about anyone. But i know A LOT of things that you guys dont know about. :P

Have you ever made something with this person?
Made love. Hahahhaha. takde lah. made errrmm.. poptarts!! and lunch. and poems.

Have you ever worn this person's clothes?
Yess. Am currently wearing his boxers yang dia mintak tolong basuhkan. But it looks so comfy i couldnt resist putting it on. Nanti i wash again and kasi blk eh mi.

Have you and this person made a handshake?
Errr. Tak pernah kot. Attempted to. But couldnt come up with anything yang tak lame.

If it was Freaky Friday, would you switch bodies with him?
Of course. No reason why i wouldnt want to.

Have you ever heard this person sing?
Baru a few hours ago pergi karaoke with him. His renditions of Backstreet Boys are pretty awesome.

If this person is in front of you, what would you say to him?
Sayang, saya angau!