Sunday, September 21, 2008


All my life, ive always been surrounded by awesome friends.
Its a rare occurance for me to sit by myself without anyone around me.
And i guess, that is why i have never fully appreciated the power of having friends all around.

About a month ago, i came to a realization.
I had a fight with the boyfriend and we were not talking for a week.
Tho i was super stressed out, i tried not to think of it and went out with friends instead.
Good thing they were a fun lot!

All this while, ive always believed that i wont be able to survive without Zul(yeah cliche, i know).
But for once, i came to terms that it might actually be okay.

And as the fight led to a breakup, i would be in pieces if it werent for the people around me.
Of course, its also thanks to Zul for making so much effort to make things okay.

And again, for my 20th birthday, it seemed like its my birthday all week long.
Whats with the celebrations, and the birthday dinners, the presents and the crowd.

God, i feel so disayangi.

Here's to each and everyone of you.

Though i might not have said it often enough, i love you guys. If i said it out loud as often as i feel it, all of you would feel that im too clingy. Hehe.

Here's to my love, Dzulhazmi. To my housemates. To Zul's housemates. To my brothers who are already working. To Panda. To Koala. To old friends whom i thought have forgotten(you proved me wrong). To my classmates. Seriously, to everyone who cared enough.




Nur Aimi said...


of course we love u..

i mean, who doesn't??

we will always always love u..

p/s: this thursday we're going for break fast together.. tag along jom? (:

Chocolate said...


i cant find my name.

and "housemates" doesnt count.

sad said...

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