Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Talking about Geography. Dont ask me how we got to talking about Geography please.

N: Oh. Ingat tak we had to study pasal climate.
Tasha: Oh yeah. And the types of tanah! Alluvium! Hahahaha.
N: Mana ada tanah alluvium! Aluminium la!
Zul: Err. Aluminium? Aluminium pun boleeehhh.
N: Mana ada tanah nama Alluvium! I belajar Geography ok!
Tasha: Yea. And i belajar Geology, Geomatics, Geotech, Foundation of Earth and Structures.

I Googled it. Yes! Ada alluvium soil!
Oh yes yes. Saya kiasu. I like to be proven right.

And N sebenarnya sangat pandai. Tetapi dia terlebih banyak ketawa pada waktu itu. Tentang status adik beradik Nuttin but Stringz la, blog posts yg kelakar dan juga seluar Aladdin. Maafkan dia.

Who wouldve thought that something actually stuck in my head despite those laziness nak pergi class?

*senyum sendiri


kekasih said...

saya rasa responsible sebab korang gelak lebih sebab menyebarkan blog yang haram tale blah

owh N is responsible for her own seluar Aladdin

Chocolate said...

sha, N mmg macam tuh.

same like the time N was asking about batman

it's the same N right. It sounds like my N. Haha. :)

Elena said...

Good on you for remembering alluvium!

azik said...

ni time bila ni? time kat sithick ke ameeth?

see how kerap kita lepak mamak sampai i cant remember which one..


oh but i do remember N said *making face* "i belajar geografi okay!"


Merissa K. said...

its dekat v5 laaa. masa kita makan sahur kempunan nasi lemak tu. hehehhehe

Hani said...

i kempunan nasik lemak tash. boleh x, courier?


Merissa K. said...

hee. im coming back esok petang. ill bawak blk kl ok? if tak basi, u can have one.


sad said...

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