Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I think there has been a misunderstanding.
Like, seriously.

I need to find my happy place and hibernate there until the rut i am in now becomes a happy place again.

Ohh btw do you know that i get starstruck?
But not to real superstars.
Oh no no. If i come across the luckier bits of my schoolmates who made it big, silap besar la nak acknowledge them as "Artis Artis".

As far as i know, ur still that chubby comel guy who is a great flirt tapi tak pernah settle down dengan siapa siapa despite all those flirtings. Or just the botak junior who speaks English with an accent.

I still remember how i cringed when Sheena asked the Bonus Question while we were lepaking gembira bersembang sembang at Hartamas one day.

"Hey!! Ur that guy dalam Kami tu kan??" kata Sheena(and this is mid-conversation yg takde kena mengena langsung with said TV series.)
"Yeaa." Syarul(or nama glamour nya Ezani. Pfft) jawab sepatah and smiled.
"Ohh. *giggle giggle* My cousin has a crush on you!"

Tasha's inner monologue: OHhhh pleasseee Sheena! Ur cousin?? Are you seriouuss? Hahahaha. Dush Dush. Hantuk kepala kat dinding! Why why whyyy did you have to mention his celebrity status? Aduyaai.

No no no.

Im not starstruck to those people. So Gadaffi, dont worry. Should i happen to throw a party and u wont be able to make it, I wont go gugu gaga just because. Unlike some people we know, yeah? (Kan mizzie kan?)

Its more like people in campus yg extraordinarily cantik(oh yes. these crushes apply on girls too) or yg have extraordinarily good voice and skill bermain guitar to go(oh. cerita Dharma is cerita lama).

I cannot help it. I cant. Oh. But since i broke up with Zul over the whole Dharma thing,ive learnt not to act on it. Dangerous la. Nanti karma hits me, and Zul joins the next Starsearch and hooks up with the emcee baru padan muka!


Ok. This is just totally teramat random.


Chocolate said...

sha, u easily got starstruck.

admit it.

im your roomate, i remember the time..... teehee~

sad said...

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