Monday, May 31, 2010

amalkan gaya hidup hijau bak kata advertisement aircond kat Astro

cuba beritahu sikit,
macam mana nak berkarya
tapi tak cukup herba, vitamin, supplement
untuk berfilosofi (ngahahaha. philosophy sounds so buruk in malay. eh jap. berfalsafah kan sebenarnya? PHAIL la sha hish.)?

haaaa beritahu lah cepat!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

you are my anti-depressant.

Writing is my theraphy.
Some people shop, some people drink, some people get high.
And I,
I write.

When you, (a crush), first said hello,
I'd come home and i write.

When you, (a friend), helped me find revelations deep in the night,
I'd open my book and i write.

When you, (a stranger), says something witty or does something amusing,
I'd remember and i write.

You, all of you,
You are
my Valium,
my Prozac, 
my Xanax.

For it gives me pleasure to write
and someday in the future,
I'll read all about you (and you and you)
and I'll smile. 


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter to Myself

Dear Future Tasha,

I have been influenced by How I Met Your Mother and am now writing a letter to you Ted Mosby style.

I am writing with the purpose of reminding you that you DONT DESERVE to feel the slightest bit remorseful when your exam result comes out.

This is because :
- my insistence on procrastinating will not reflect well on you
- i am solely depending on luck for my paper tomorrow and i should let you know earlier not to let your hopes up
- Design of Steel has always been our enemy.

Let me remind you that it is now only 12 hours away from the paper, and I am too busy being a nutcase to actually revise.

So there. If you so much as mutter 'damn. i shouldve studied for this paper', memang aku sekeh kepala kau lepas tu gelak kuat kuat.

Sincerely yours,
Present Tasha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

eh eh saya suka la tulis pasal lelaki rupanya!

tengok INI, dulu pun saya pernah cuba mahu crack misteri lelaki.
it has been over 6 months,
dan misteri masih belum mampu diselesaikan.

lelaki is still lelaki
yang senyap masih berdiam diri
yang kecoh masih rasa nak tembak kasi mati

semalam i talked to my bestfriend.
and she told me that she found this letter that i wrote to her back in Form 5,
cerita masalah 'cinta' lah konon.
(wah wah macam besar sangat problem masa tu kan?)

and it reminded me of this boy i was smitten with.
weh weh suka gila kot masa tu!
baru satu hari lepas wish bday dia,
dah start plan tahun depan nak kasi present apa.

tiap tiap hari tunggu handphone berbunyi
kalau orang lain yang sms atau call, terus jadi hampa

dan saya tahu dia suka saya juga
sebab dia rajin call sambil main guitar dan nyanyi lagu Incubus
tapi ego jauh lagi banyak dari perasaan suka

bila saya nak, dia jual mahal
bila dia finally nak, saya dah taknak jual

at the end of the day,
tak perlu la bersungguh sangat main tarik tali tu
sebab takut nanti sorang sorang je main dengan tali tu.
haaa main la kau puas puas!
nak tocang tali tu ke, nak buat ikat kerbau ke semua boleh.
happy tak?
*senyum sinis*

memang akan jumpa orang yang sanggup make the first move,
tapi bila dah jumpa,
kena lah sanggup-sanggupkan diri buat consequent moves.

you can play hard to get all you want,
but one of these days, nobody will want to chase after you anymore.

janganlah take people for granted.
kalau mahu, embrace saja
kalau tak mahu, jangan drag on lama lama.


Mesej ini dibawa kepada anda oleh Kementerian Patah Hati.

i hate it when this happens

Read this : prologue

Now, read on.

Situation 1
we were at the mamak, and i brought along my assignment (i skemaa woot woot!).
Spot took one look at the paper that i was writing on, and said :
uish. tulisan u lawa la Sha, macam tulisan perempuan!


Situation 2
I had a phase when i tried to be girly-girly.
OK. tak la girly mana.
but you know,
i tried the whole soft-spoken approach,
and this was what Timmy said to me :
Eh Sha, apa cakap lemah lembut macam perempuan ni? Tamau jadi perempuan please? Tamau tamau.


Situation 3
We were planning on a day out to de-stress after exam papers yang (hampir) membunuh.
And the crowd was supposed to be a bunch of guys and ME!
And Spot said :
yeahhh! first kita tengok movie, then makan sedap sedap, then kita tengok Champions League finals! Tomorrow : BOYS Day Out!

Habis aku ni apaaaaaa?
Hasil plastic surgery??

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Would You Want To Blend In When You Can Stand Out?

I'd like to tell you that i'm different.
and that i am unique.

That i was uncool way before it was cool to be uncool.

That i am not like anything and anyone that you've ever met before.
But that would be a lie.
Worse still, that would be a cliche.

So many have claimed that they are different.
And it makes me think, what's so bad about being the same as everyone else?

Cuz i can bet you all the money i have
(which is really not that much, heheh)
that whatever you've been through,
there are others who have been through the same thing.

And why do some people insist on being different?
Do you really have to state your uniqueness?
If you're truly different,won't it simply radiate out of you without you having to make a single statement?

Dont take this the wrong way, ive done it too in the past.
At the time, i felt it was as if people only saw one side of me.
And i wanted people to know that i was more than what they saw.

what? just because i wear shorts pergi mamak, does that mean i am not the kind yang baca Yassin every Thursday night?
Just because i buat statement bimbo tak ingat dunia, does that mean i am incapable of discussing anything remotely intelligent?

Siapa ajar korang buat stereotype macam tu haa?

But maybe the lesson to be learnt here is that,
IT'S OKAY if society doesnt see you as who you entirely are.
Because there will be this one person,
who will come into your life
(atau mungkin they are already in it as im typing this)
and this person, will take the time to discover every nook and cranny of you
and love you as who you are.

Regardless of you being different,
or just the same as everyone else.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can You Keep A Secret?

Nak tau rahsia tak?
But i bet you blabbermouth wont keep it a secret kan?
Takpe lah, nak bagitau jugak. Heheh.

I am not the manja kind.
I am not one of those girls who hug their moms from behind and go (include la whatever manja statement that you can think of here).

Sorry, i did attempt lebih kurang 18 kali nak try and come up with a decent manja conversation between a manja daughter and a mom who layans her daughter's manja-ness. Tapi unsuccessful attempt. Sorry.

Semua dialogue that i could think of will make you rasa mcm nak baling bricks kat kepala i.

I sayang lagi my head.
So u guys buat la sendiri manja conversation tu ok.

Even when my housemates go all manja comel comel,
i sometimes ternganga because i dont know the right way to react.
Like, i want to try and be manja comel comel balik,
tapi serious part comel tu paling uber-susah nak achieve.
Tak tipu.

But but buuuuuut.
I have a weakness for lelaki yang manja.

Tolong lah.
serious i cair bila org cakap dengan i suara nak lembut alaaaaahaaaai mcm roti soggy rendam dalam air milo panas.
Metaphore serious tak appealing.
Fine. tukar la roti soggy tu dengan marshmallow.
Comel sikit. Pfft.

I yang loud-mouthed ni pun terus rasa nak turn down volume jadi -3 bila dengar orang ckp lemah gemalai comel comel.
It makes me want to cubit cubit pipi orang tu and cakap 'heeeeyyyy kenapa manja sangat sampai i geram ni haaa'.

Haa. macam tu lah.
Conclusion : Orang orang manja boleh lari jauh jauh from me sekarang kalau takut kena terkam.

Sekian, terima kasih. :)

p/s : oh but there is also such a thing as OVER-MANJA nak mintak pelangkung. if you dont know what a pelankung is, try la overdoing it, i tunjuk pelangkung tu apa. :P

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i love my roommate.

was shortly followed by this

weh serious lawak.

lesson learnt :
1) boys are perverts. 'I LIKE IT ON THE CHAIR' proves that you guys will always try to find sexual innuendos in everything you read. Pah. 
2) dont hookup with your roommate, no matter how hot they are. otherwise, they'll tell the whole world that you didnt like it on the bed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

tergugat iman

i think u were sent to goyahkan my iman.
yes, thank you very much technology.


sebab kau la aku senyum panjang lebar malam ni.
sambil makan keropok RM1 beli kat bawah block.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

dalam otak ada masalah

this will be a tad bit deep.
(or at least that's how i intend it to be aa haha)

i've often wondered what's the purpose of us living.
what exactly was God aiming to achieve when he created us,
along with emotions, insecurities and determination
(add on another 27462542 kinds of emotion and we're good to go!)

i think
ive got some hint as to what it might be

we need to learn.
(ok jangan start gelak lagi, tunggu dulu sekejap while i elaborate!)

macam ini lah,
if you want to get A's for your exam,
you'll have to study.
(kalau tak payah study pun boleh score, anda bukan manusia. this post is not relevant to your species. boleh tutup browser ni sekarang)

In life,
to score,
you need to study jugak.
(tapi pemalas pemalas semua boleh tepuk tangan sekarang, because this form of studying does not involve buku of any kind)

In life there will be obstacles.
Ini kira macam, quiz and tests lah.
So in order for you to score during the finals,
kena go through the past tests and quizzes,
look at the questions that you got wrong and find the right answer to it.

Sebab if you get the same question wrong time finals,
you're gonna have to repeat the semester.
Faham tak analogy i sekarang?

Selagi you tak learn from your mistake,
you will face the same kind of problems
(with minor details altered)
And the loop will go on, until one fine day,
you look at the bigger picture and
sedar sendiri what your problem really is.

All these teeny weeny problems (even the huge ones) that you're always complaining about,
it is to make you know yourself a little bit better.
The closer you get to knowing yourself,
the closer you are to God.

That's what i believe lah.
Korang tak nak percaya sudah.

This is Why Parents Are NOT Supposed to Facebook

Situation 1

Hadi has been putting off approving his dad on Facebook. The dad then sent a message, blackmailing him.

Oh. Taknak kawan abah eh? Tak nak kasi duit!

And because everyone needs money to eat and go for a few karaoke sessions,
'Abah' was straight away approved.

Situation 2

Sabri (whom i dreamt about semalam, funnily enough) commented on Hadi's picture,
wei. bila nak party lagi?

And Hadi's dad butted in :
Nak party apa nya? Study pun tak habis habis lagi!

Situation 3

Hadi's brother (banyak cerita pasal hadi, yes i know. haha) wrote 'I miss you abah' on their dad's wall.

To which, their dad replied,
Hmmh kau nak rindu apa nya? Abah ada kat rumah, kau asyik keluar je.

It's safe to say that Hadi's brother is always at home during the weekend from that point on.

I got these from

That concludes my argument. Thank you very much. :)