Monday, November 30, 2009

Arsenal Vs. Chelsea

now now now.
where should i start.

what about the fact that watching the match was like watching a 'sukaneka for kindergarten toddlers'?

the ball barely penetrated Chelsea's defense and there were too many goofballs horseplaying on the field.

im not dissing my own team, no im not. (I REALLY AM NOT!!)
its just that, i dont want to be a sore loser who blames the ref when its clear that our own attack plan PHAILED big time.

i mean, come on!! what is it with Arsenal and scoring their own goals each time theres a big match?

Nadim said : I rasa Arsenal punya player requirement is that diorang kena reti own goal. tak reti buat own goal, tak boleh main for Arsenal.

wahahahaahah. siot betul.
eh okay okay. tak gelak.

With Van Persie out for 5 months, i dont know how we can survive this season.
No choice but to have faith that Wenger will cook something up soon enough.
I dont get why he refuses to use the money from selling off Adebayor to get good strikers.

Oh. and dont get me started on how slow Eduardo was.
(not that im confident of outrunning him, but it still, im no professional football player)
It's infuriating how EVERYONE outran him. sigghhh.

And i gotta admit, Chelsea's first goal was awesome.
At first, i thought the ball will go over the goalpost.
When it went in instead, i sat there dumbfounded, unaware of what just happened (in denial, more like)

But but but the second goal was truly a disappointment.
I did not expect this coming from Vermaelen.
I didnt take him for the scoring-own-goal kind.
Tsk tsk.

Thats enough disappointed rants to last me throughout the season.
Im getting back to my presentation.

edited : i just remembered! did anyone see when Traore did a backflip and landed on his feet! whoah. i think he should just become a gymnast or something.

Monday, November 23, 2009

speaking of beanies,

i have a fetish for anything purple.
oh yes, ANYTHING.

so when i came across a purple beanie at Forever 21 a few months back,
i fell in love with it instantly.

i put it on, and never took it off since.
not even when i shower.
(ok, ur a dumbass if u bought THAT.heheh)

it became a habit to sport it EVERYWHERE i go.
(you think i care if you think i look dumb in it? pfft.)

the thing is,
a few weeks back,
a friend PMed me online
the conversation goes a little like this:

Friend : tasha, can i ask you something personal?
Me : yeap sure, anything.
Friend : are u okay? as in, health wise?
Me : haha. yeah im healthy. why ey?
Friend : oh good good. im just curious with ur new style. with the hat and all. i thought ur suffering from leukimia or something.


and there i was thinking that i was being fashionable. tsk. haha.

does this really look like someone who is undergoing chemotheraphy? LOL.

is determination really the key to success?

it's the examination season.
of course i'm determined.
more so, as compared to all the other seasons (not so much next to the holiday seasons tho.)

and today, of all days, i am even more determined.
you might say that its because ill be sitting for my last paper tomorrow.

but, oh dont get me wrong,
im still the lazy ass Tasha that you all know.
that much has not changed.

im being rather contradictory, no?

let me explain (oh yes here it comes):

most of my housemates will be graduating this semester.
meaning, upon their last paper, they will come back home,
jumping and singing (on key, i might add) and well, rubbing it on the rest of our faces.
tee hee hee. (no no im not being bitter)

yea yea, im happy for u lot yadda yadda.
but then again, it simply reminds me that i have not one sem, but two sems left being stuck here.

and as i do not have much to celebrate come the end of this paper,
i was trying to kid myself into believing that it's a big deal,
finishing this semester without getting killed mid way.

and so, before the exam season began,
i made a plan to wear a kebaya to answer the last paper.

as you all know, this is what my hair looks like now.

no prize for guessing who the parrot is.

and for the past papers, ive been wearing a beanie to hide the red streak from the hounds of security guards.

im no fashionista, but even I know that kebayas and beanies, simply dont go.

and this brings me to the purpose of this post:

instead of focusing all my energy to study for the last paper,
i focused my determination to go out and find a packet of black henna instead.

and here, i am, writing this post, still refusing to read up.

and tomorrow, i shall answer the paper, in my kebaya, with black hair,
and i shall come back to the room singing (perhaps a little off key) ,
and celebrate the end of the exam season.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dua ekor hantu

What's worse than leaving the exam hall to find a love letter from the security guard on your car?
(oh yes, i meant surat saman).

Cant think of anything worse? (wahh, seronok dan dandy nya hidup kau if you cant think of anything worse than getting a surat saman).

Lemme show you whats worse.

This written at the back of the surat saman.

And ini muka dua syaitan yang bertanggungjawab atas vandalisme tersebut.

Tapi haha, thank you. For giving me something to laugh at. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Ode To A Future Lover

Talk to me
Let me indulge in your succulent voice

Allow me in
Let me explore all of you

Share with me
your deepest fears
For i shall hold you close and not let go

Make me fall in love with you
As i already am so very nearly there
All it might take is just
a simple phone call, or
a charming cheeky smile

You see,
i look at numbers and facts,
but it's your name that jumps off the page.

You see,
it's driving me nuts thinking of you this way,
but i can't stop, it's simply too mesmerizing.

Aaaah yes, you still haunt my dreams.
Each night, each time.
So save me.
Save me from falling into this bottomless pit.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

(insert a string of curse words here)

cursing my heart out would probably make me feel better right about now.
tapi dah tak mampu to even string cusses properly.
cant even strings words together, much less carutan bernas.

i hate final exams.
i hate doing Civil Engineering.

i am not interested in calculating the tension in a T-bar column,
or the wave force acting on a platform.
and i doubt it that ill ever be.

i wanna write, and talk for a living.

i dont wanna stand under the sun in the middle of a construction site, wearing an ugly hardhat.
i dont wanna be shipped off to work in the middle of some godforsaken oil platform.
i dont wanna stay in an office and do physics calculation on torque and whatnot.
i dont wanna endure another minute of this.
i dont wanna go to a landfill and take the filthy leachate(which is a konon konon glamour name for air sampah btw) and analyze it to see whether its fit for disposal.

im serious.
ive had enough.
four years and a half is enough.

but apparently, i have to stay put and go through this mindless garbs.
ive got a pounding headache, a runny nose and still i have to study Design of Offshore Structures and Structural Dynamics.

ahhh baik aku get wasted and layan Lapsap. lagi bagus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About The Boat That Rocked!


If you are at all a universal music lover,
and have no qualms being engaged with the mixture of drugs, alcohol, sex and (of course) rock and roll for about 2 hours,
i believe you'd be in love with this movie the way i am.

I might even say that i love this slightly more than Across The Universe.
And that's pretty big considering, id marry Across The Universe if it were human.

Its the 1960s. And the government has a whole policy against anything other than jazz to be aired on radio. So what this bunch of nuts did was went on a boat, and aired from the middle of the sea.

Radio Rock, was the name of the station. And it was everything that the government despised. To them, its just a platform for hooligans, drug dealers and fornicators.

Their form of rebellion, however, makes everyone wanna rock and roll.

What is more, it is infested with hotties (both male and female),

Tom Sturridge

Sturridge was actually the guy that Stephenie Meyer's fantasized about playing the part Edward Cullen for Twilight. I can see why. Yummy. Too bad they opted for Robert Pattinson instead.

He was the last crew on the boat. Sent to Radio Rock by his mom to learn something new. Oh, and he learnt indeed. Though, it was all very hedonistic in nature. :D

Tom Wisdom

And this is the dude who plays Sexy Mark. I dont really fancy him out of this movie. In 300, he was just another guy who ends up headless. But in The Boat That Rocked, he was like a more irresistable version of Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Im telling you, the guy is a walking sex god. He doesnt say much in the movie. Just sleeps with an awful lot of women.

January Jones

Well, she wasnt actually in the most part of the movie. But i thought that she was incredibly hot in action. Heheh.

Im not gonna waste any more of my time Googling for images. If you want to ogle, watch the movie. :)

What more, the soundtrack is awesome. A little bit of Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, The Who, The Beach Boys and many more. Brings you back to the 60s indeed.

It pretty much came down to saying Bollocks to the people who wants to see you fail.
And thats why, its a must-watch!

Monday, November 9, 2009

look who's in the 2nd place now, u smug bitches. :P

I just got back from the mamak, watching Manchester United get defeated yet again (oh yes Devils fans, offence intended. LOL)

I got there about 15 minutes after the kickoff,
and as expected there werent any seats left.
There werent even any room for you to squat on the road. (well, not if you dont want the cars passing by to run you over.)

And while waiting for the 'anney' to find us tables and chairs,
and listening to my favourite Mamak, going all

"Deyy, u Arsenal kalu, ini match, tak payah tengok laa."

Siot punya mamak.

Anyway, back to what i was saying, while waiting (patiently, i might add),
i came up with a mental list of things i cannot stand when hanging out at the mamak
(which doesnt make much of a difference since i still go there about 3 times a day).

#1 : The Bookworms
Imagine this. Its a huge match. Oh, lets say, Liverpool vs. Man United.
And you can expect that the crowd dekat mamak tried their best to outnumber the ones at the stadium itself.

And there were about 76 people who had to stand (not that they were eager to do the whole wave thing) waiting for a seat.
And suddenly, standing out from the crowd, you can see a table full of little kiasus, clad with their laptops and lecture notes, studying for their exam papers, and not once glancing at the big screen.

Aiyooooh machaaaaa.

Nak study, study kat bilik laaaaaaaaa. The internet connection dah stable already whaaat. You dont need the damned wireless at the mamak. We can fit half of the crowd at your table. Tapau ur food and have ur study group where its more comfy and less congested laaaa.

*smacks forehead*

Okay okay. Perhaps they were just trying to mock everyone else by going 'hey! you lot keep on complaining that you cant study in ur room. well check us out. we can study here, and that means we can study absolutely anywhere. theres nothing stopping us, not even ur evil stares.'

Ok. Fine fine. Aku terasa. Now, can we please have your seats?

#2 : The Inappropriate Couples
Yes, ur in love. We get it. But theres really no need to giggle at each other and make profane gestures with that banana ur holding.

For the love of God, some of us are trying to eat.

And friends. Yes, i know i was a tad bit like that too when we were a LOT younger. So dont give me a headache with your accusations, i dont wanna hear it. Hahaha.

(but hey, just for the record, i never played with bananas. not at the mamak. not elsewhere okay. hahah)

#3 : The Mamak with Bad Timing
Of aaaaaaaaalll the time they could walk between the big screen and the projector, some of them simply looooves to pick the most crucial time.

You're half standing, and half shouting, biting ur nails at that free kick. And the moment the ball is inches away from the goal post, time tuuuuu la mamak tu nak lalu.

And as everyone else are either shouting 'Goal!!!!' or groaning like a frog waiting to croak, all you could see was the mamak balancing 3 plates of maggi gorengs and his shadow, also balancing 3 plates of maggi goreng.

Tension betul aku. Lepas tu, time dia tunjuk replay, time tu la mamak tu nak lalu sekali lagi, tapi this time dia bawak 5 gelas nescafe ais pulak. Haishhh.

Well, he's just doing his job, i guess.

I swear i had another point just now. But i seem to have lost it, in the midst of getting all excited about MU getting beaten YET AGAIN. Oh, guess who's at 2nd place now? *grins*

Ahh well, that probably means i should give it a rest. Heheh. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

i shall dream about
you and me

in that faraway land
(or perhaps a land that is not too far away)
hand in hand

where we shall
make love to good music
where we shall
have enchanting conversations
where we shall
get intoxicated by the magic
that YOU, wouldve cast on ME.

i shall dream about
you and me

you and me
what a saucy rendezvous

oh what a lovely dream that shall be.


Friday, November 6, 2009

kalau.. kalau.. aku bilang kalauuu..

if im a celebrity in malaysia,
i would have to delete most of my pics on Facebook.
or. i might even resort to not taking any pics at all.


nasib baik aku bukan artis.

(traumatized after browsing through malaysian's gossip forums)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Superwoman, thats what i am!

tak percaya?
check out the underwear im wearing on top of my outfit!

My superpower?

i can do all these WHILE driving:
1) changing my whole outfit (yess, the car is the world's mobile dressing room!)
2) apply make up (the eyeliner is the most tricky)
3) read books (easier when the traffic is slow)
4) go on a laughing gas fit
5) become Harry Potter, flying across the sky (ini inside joke, tak perlu attempt utk faham)
6) lubricate my lenses
7) daydreaming about being an oil tycoon someday

Dah dah. That should be enough. Now, tell me what superpowers have you got!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

to all the boys ive ever fallen in like with

sometimes you are near
and often you are far

you later disappear

thats just how things are

sometimes we hold hands
and sometimes we let go
sometimes we made plans
and sometimes we dont know

i wrote haikus that rhyme
and dream all day long

but it all fades with time

we simply dont belong

but i want you to know
that i never forgot
though i dont let it show
i remember quite a lot!


What I Miss About High School

1) Canteen food is cheeeeeeap.
Heck. Two ringgit are sufficient to last you throughout the day. Dah la air sirap pun 50sen je. Nowadays, those artificial drinks cost about RM1.50 a glass. Rip off sungguh.

Back in my school, they used to have these legendary Nasi Ayam on Fridays. Serious tak tipu, every Jumaat, as soon as the recess bell rings, its like ada orang bukak kandang kambing. Not to mention, orang yang cut class during the period before recess just to chup Nasi Ayam part yang best best.

2) Tiada masalah dunia.
Back then, the biggest problem that you have is if your crush is not aware of your existance. Atau, in my case, the guy that i had a crush on thinks that im a stalker/loser yang preside KFC (Khairil Fan Club). Fuck. Itu ada lah malu.

But then again, that beats the whole masalah dunia that i have now. Duit tak cukup, nak buat assignment lagi, saman kereta tak bayar, saman UTP tak bayar, baju tak cukup, berebut boyfriend dengan orang lain (Hajar, Munie, peace peace. heheh. i syg korang sekarang) and many more.

3) No worrying about the lack of moolah.
In those days, money were handed out each day. "Nah, ini duit belanja," kata ibu bapa. Tak payah kerja, but dapat gaji. Is nice. I likee.

Come to think of it, i was richer in high school nak compare dengan sekarang. Wahai ibu bapa, nak duit belanja lagi pleassseee.

And oh oh i miss pakcik yang jual unhealthy food outside the school compound. Keluar from school je, theres a food fest waiting outside. Satay ikan la, ice cream la, roti cream la, junk food sedaaaap murah la. Oh i want i want.

I sometimes offer to pick my siblings up from school just so that ill get to indulge myself with all these junkiesss once again. Ahh, saya dan keropok lekor, reunited.

4) The hot MILFs of teachers
We didnt have DILFs (go figure!) in our school. But we sure had Faustina (foxy name eyy) who wore black jarang kebayas and gstrings on Fridays. woot woot. That surely gave them boys something to fantasize about.

A few years after leaving school, i went to the Sports Day in order to support my juniors (semangat sekolah gila weeyyy) and i bumped into Faustina.

She motioned me to come closer and subtly ask "Eyy, ive been meaning to ask you, did you get THOSE done? Cuz if you did i was wondering where you did it. Maybe you could give me the number of the place?" and i was like "Emm no lah cikgu. Its au naturel."

She didnt believe me "Alaaa, come onn, you can tell me. I je pun".

Damn woman! I got it from my Mama! Its effing awkward. Now id have to go on with my life knowing the fact that my school teacher is thinking of getting a boob job. Pssh.

5) Its a Stalker Haven
Everything you need to know about the person that you like is there. Just check the... Eh eh. Hampir terberitahu semua secret. OKay. I tarik balik this one.

6) Tak Payah Jadi Diligent Worker
Since we didnt have courseworks to be done, and everything came down to the final examinations, all year long, you just have to study time nak exam je.

Other than that, sila angkat kaki and tak payah worry.

Its the best system for procrastinators all over the world. I loike.

7) Mean Girls teach you how to toughen up
I used to hate being picked on (hint hint Hani if ur reading this. heheh) and being laughed at. The cool cliques sure have a way to make you feel like you deserve to be isolated (haaa mula dah aku exaggerate) but it sort of prepares you for the cruel world out there.

If you can take on the people who were bitchy to you in school, you can handle anything. Haha. Im serious, it gives you an insight on how to deal with Evil Bosses, Annoying Colleagues and the endless streams of Wannabes in your life.

8) Educational Class Trips
Hoho. Konon konon je educational. Educational apa ntah pergi Genting Highlands. Hahaha. This is the time to scam on boys and belajar teknik teknik berseronok dengan kawan kawan. Seronok apa? Jangan tanya. haha.

What do YOU miss about high school?

Monday, November 2, 2009

what is wrong with the world?

a Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken doll?
One word.

Mattel has gone out of their mind man.
First, they said that Ken was cheating on Barbie for the more tanned, beach bum California version of her.
and now they make him a Sugar Daddy.

What a way to promote a lifestyle.
Double pfft.

what next?
Paedophile Ken that comes with little Kelly?

(pardon my obsession with Barbie dolls)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This post was supposed to be published about a week back.
But just like my assignments,
i tend to procrastinate.

So, harap maaf,
Miss Sheena,
here is your belated Birthday Shoutout!

To a lifetime filled with glitz and glam,
and all the yummy boys in the world,
I now raise my glass to you,
and cheers, to the Birthday Girl.

Love you doll.