Monday, November 23, 2009

is determination really the key to success?

it's the examination season.
of course i'm determined.
more so, as compared to all the other seasons (not so much next to the holiday seasons tho.)

and today, of all days, i am even more determined.
you might say that its because ill be sitting for my last paper tomorrow.

but, oh dont get me wrong,
im still the lazy ass Tasha that you all know.
that much has not changed.

im being rather contradictory, no?

let me explain (oh yes here it comes):

most of my housemates will be graduating this semester.
meaning, upon their last paper, they will come back home,
jumping and singing (on key, i might add) and well, rubbing it on the rest of our faces.
tee hee hee. (no no im not being bitter)

yea yea, im happy for u lot yadda yadda.
but then again, it simply reminds me that i have not one sem, but two sems left being stuck here.

and as i do not have much to celebrate come the end of this paper,
i was trying to kid myself into believing that it's a big deal,
finishing this semester without getting killed mid way.

and so, before the exam season began,
i made a plan to wear a kebaya to answer the last paper.

as you all know, this is what my hair looks like now.

no prize for guessing who the parrot is.

and for the past papers, ive been wearing a beanie to hide the red streak from the hounds of security guards.

im no fashionista, but even I know that kebayas and beanies, simply dont go.

and this brings me to the purpose of this post:

instead of focusing all my energy to study for the last paper,
i focused my determination to go out and find a packet of black henna instead.

and here, i am, writing this post, still refusing to read up.

and tomorrow, i shall answer the paper, in my kebaya, with black hair,
and i shall come back to the room singing (perhaps a little off key) ,
and celebrate the end of the exam season.


Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

my last paper is tomorrow as well.. see u in main hell.. T___T

Merissa K. said...

ahh fatul, maybe then ull recognize me, with the kebaya and all. LOL.

T.H.U.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T. said...

Hi, Merissa K.!
I'm officially your follower, hehehe!
Wish you all the best! I'm sure,you'll feel more confidant wearing that Kebaya. I wonder what color is it?

Merissa K. said...

Oh hello Thug! ;D

Aah yes i noticed. :D muchas gracias! :)
(tho i have no idea what ur blog url is, so that i could perhaps pay u a lil visit every now and then *grins*)

its white (and a lil boring. haha) perhaps if im in a vain enough mood tmr, i shall snap pics. XD

s h a g o o said...

kebaya and beanies? itsokay hun, ur under chemotheraphy, remember?

gelak gelak owh sekali lagi!

Merissa K. said...

hahahahahha. sengal!!!

xwizit said...
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