Wednesday, August 27, 2008

jangan tinggal saya

Being in UTP means being far away from home.
And im the kind of person who needs my family close to me at all times.
And this, in the picture above, is my family.

Most of them has been away for the past few months.
But last weekend, they came home.

Oh. Rindu terubat.

Balik lah lagi selalu selalu. Takde la saya rindu angau sgt!

To: Dharma, Eldi, Alip, Maliq, Ciko, Pijut and Razi

for making it thru UTP all these years
for giving the Panda a fraction of the fun that YES had experienced
for being the best damn brothers anyone can ask for
for supporting me through thick and thin,kaya and miskin

and for the rest:
Noin, Laila, Berg, Nad, Hadi, Ain, Bayah, Anum, Emi, Neng, Jo and not forgetting Nawal

it was all worth it because u guys were there. :)

Yer yer Koala. Saya tak lupa anda juga.
Cheers to Nyet Zik Anis Ewa and Azam!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is Panda. Say hello to the Pandas.
They were a bunch of seniors mixed up together to concoct
a delicious experience of campus-life.
Without them, id be serving a very geeky and lonely Civil Engineering student life.
They made me happier than Ive ever been in UTP and probably ever will be.
Pandas have lots of dysfunctional issues.
The scandals? You wouldnt believe how absurd it is.
But thats what makes them the absolute best!

Gila! Siapa lagi yang rent out Van to bakar jagung at Teluk Batik?
And siapa lagi buat a trip as awesome as ours to Perhentian Island?
Siapa lagi boleh talk about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING out in the open, tak payah tapis
tapis?And i seriously mean ANYTHING. what anything means, only Panda will know. Hint:Gaung.

Panda was the best. Still is if only theyre not scattered all over the place. Huu.
Pandas, I cant wait for u guys to come back this weekend. Its gonna be spectacular!

And this is Koala.
A newfound group. A mixture of Pandas that hasnt graduated just yet with fresh blood.
Shares the same wackiness and spontaneity.
Hail to another bout of beach-hopping, karaoke-ing and jumping around.

For me, its heaven-sent to have the Koalas around after Panda left.
Shows that those ppl who says "you dont get lucky twice" dont know what they were talking about. Hee.

Bottom point?
I love Panda and i Love Koala.
They rock my stuffy socks!

HalaU Hantu

U often listen about exorcism. And ud think its just a speculation because uve never seen it with ur own eyes.

And then BAM~!! You see it with your own eyes.

I dont wanna get into it sgt because frankly, im super tired after having experienced that. But being in a room with a friend who keeps on staring with mata terbeliak over my shoulder is agak menakutkan.

And the way she screamed 'Tak Nak KELUAR!!!!' was even lagi mengejutkan. Kesian Ewa lompat terkejut.

Well Mado, i hope u recover soon. We love yaaa.

And here's a reminder:
1) Next time, kalau lalu padang tu, jgn tegur if u see anythg.
2) And Abah(Hadi), this goes for you, lain kali tak payah lalu jalan scary scary. Kan betul i ckp hari tu! Nasib baik it didnt happen hari tuu. Huuhu. Tsk.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Macam ini ke Rakan Masjid?

Location : bawah block v5k
People Involved : Ina Iylia Maria Ernie Tasha Afiq and 3 Rakan Masjids(RM)
Activity: Playing 2 acoustic guitars(without amp) and a tambourine

They were strumming on the guitar when the three stooges walked over and opened their mouth:

RM : Lama lagi ke ni?
Iylia : Takde lah, nak blk dah.
RM : Aaa. bagus la. Bising sangat ni. Orang nak buat lab report pun tak blh. Nak tidur pun tak blh. Bising sangat la.
Ina : Ala. Orang lain pasang speaker kuat kuat tak kecoh pun.
RM : Sebenarnya satu block v5k dah complain(which is bullshit, really because my housemates kat tingkat 2 pun tak dgr lgsg any noise.) so kitorg ni wakil la turun sini. Ingat kan tadi ada orang mintak sedekah(while taking out rm10 from the purse). Tu yang kitorg turun bawak duit ni.
Afiq : Ha. nak bagi duit pun blh jugak. Haha.
RM : Serious? Kalau bagi duit korg stop main.
Afiq : haa. serious la...
RM : haa. nah ambik lah. bangun lah cepat!
*everyone tergamam because of the rudeness*
RM : bangun la cepat!
Ina : Iyer. Kejap lagi kitorg blah laa.
RM : Haa. Macam tu kitorg teman lah.
RM #2 : Ish. tak payah la. jom laa. *while pulling the hand of the initial RM*
RM : Takpe. Biarlah. Kitorg tunggu.

Everyone started packing their stuff sebab annoyed nak mampus. and as we left, ina was like "tak payah la nak tunjuk attitude. kau ingat kau je ke ada attitude. karang aku tunjuk attitude karang tau la. bodoh. kalau org main dalam bilik pun sama je gila. bukan pasang amp pun."

Is that what ur supposed to do if u want to earn people's respect? By being rude? We would totally understand and leave if you would only ask us nicely. By being rude, you're just gonna get a blog post dedicated to you about how rude you were.

Ive lost all respect that i used to have for u.

I know all of your name, but unlike you, i still have some conscience. So ill leave your name out of it so ull get to keep whatever bit of dignity you have left.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

baby baby baby

In contrary to what all those typical-im-better-than-you citizens of UTP think and say, im gonna pass when it comes to kutuk-ing that poor girl who became infamous overnight in UTP.

yeah what she did was wrong.

but that doesnt give you any right to judge her. yeah ok fine. judge her all you want. but keep the verdict to yourself. why condemn?

for all yknow, if you were in her shoes, you would probably do the same thing.

and dont go all "Oh. But i definitely will do the good thing and keep the baby if im stupid enough to get pregnant in the first place" on me.


If you had to carry a baby in you for 9 months. all by yourself. without anyone around you who really truly understands what its like.
If you had to deal with torments and deal with the pressure of covering your growing stomach.
If you had to question yourself day by day why you're the one who ends up pregnant when there are millions more people your age having sex all over the nation.
If you had to give birth on your own in a mangy toilet and discover that your baby is not squeaking and panic, not knowing what to do and who to tell.
If you had to deal with polices and parents and petronas officers and the death of your stillborn baby whom you intended to put away where no one else wont discover the day after you give birth.

You never know how you're gonna act when your mind is clouded with things i cant even imagine she had to think about.

So really, give her a break.
She already has an ass of a boyfriend(so i heard). She probably doesnt need people speculating behind her back.

Yeah we all love gossips. But enough already with the 'zina itu haram. jangan buat maksiat' talk. Believe me, WE ALREADY KNOW.

For all i know, (keeping in mind that zina is haram, yeah yeah) the biggest mistake that she did was not get good sex education. If she did, then she would probably have skipped all the trouble.

But then again, dah Tuhan nak tunjuk.

To the junior whom im pretty sure wont even know that im dedicating this to her, be strong. Though most are criticizing, there are still some of us left who has compassion for you. Itll be all over soon. Wait until another girl throws another baby. hehehe. then theyll all forget your story. :)

Hantu Karaoke

Last saturday was very emotional for me.
I woke up in the evening to an empty room. Empty house.

And despite me being super duper hungry, i couldnt face going out to eat on my own.
With a rebellious growling stomach, i searched high and low for people to teman me.

Ain was out with the dance group.

Nad and Lela went to Ipoh.

Ina Iylia and Zul went back to KL.

Nadim had a fever.
Hadi wasnt picking up the phone.

Nyet was in the hutan, taking pictures(no, seriously!)

Even Rauf had some ETP thing to take care.

i was like, orang bodoh di tengah hutan. there wasnt anyone around.
And so blame the hormonal imbalance when i sat on the ledge kat my window and cried teresak esak.

Arnd 8, the house was still empty and i was turning into a sulky old lady who's starving. Then Hadi asked if i wasnted to ikut pg Symphonyfest.
Hmmm. An event with about 500 ppl or my room with 0 ppl besides myself and one imaginary twin sister??? Hmm.

I picked the former.

We went karaoke-ing later after that.
Hadi, Emi, Neng, Nyet, Azam and Zikri . Oh. and me.

It was super fun!
Though kelakar a bit cuz i was the only girl and i had to sing all the girl parts. It was especially hard during Hadi's rempit songs. Hehehe.

Suara diorg semmua sedap tho. Rasa incompetent for a while. Ngee.

Friday, August 1, 2008


i feel rotten.

like a fruit gone bad. like all the horrible feelings ur capable of feeling.

people change. and i know theres no way out of that. but i dont know just how bad the change can be. and i dont know if im ready to deal with all this now.

i know im probably just being silly. that its nothing. NOTHING. theres nothing i should worry about. but i worry anyway.

i cant help but feel the way i do. its stupid to totally ignore ur instinct.

so where does that leave me?

i dont know what is it that im worried about. i do know theres something you can say to stop it, but you're not saying it. and that i am terribly worried. im scared im going to blow up keeping all this in.