Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hantu Karaoke

Last saturday was very emotional for me.
I woke up in the evening to an empty room. Empty house.

And despite me being super duper hungry, i couldnt face going out to eat on my own.
With a rebellious growling stomach, i searched high and low for people to teman me.

Ain was out with the dance group.

Nad and Lela went to Ipoh.

Ina Iylia and Zul went back to KL.

Nadim had a fever.
Hadi wasnt picking up the phone.

Nyet was in the hutan, taking pictures(no, seriously!)

Even Rauf had some ETP thing to take care.

i was like, orang bodoh di tengah hutan. there wasnt anyone around.
And so blame the hormonal imbalance when i sat on the ledge kat my window and cried teresak esak.

Arnd 8, the house was still empty and i was turning into a sulky old lady who's starving. Then Hadi asked if i wasnted to ikut pg Symphonyfest.
Hmmm. An event with about 500 ppl or my room with 0 ppl besides myself and one imaginary twin sister??? Hmm.

I picked the former.

We went karaoke-ing later after that.
Hadi, Emi, Neng, Nyet, Azam and Zikri . Oh. and me.

It was super fun!
Though kelakar a bit cuz i was the only girl and i had to sing all the girl parts. It was especially hard during Hadi's rempit songs. Hehehe.

Suara diorg semmua sedap tho. Rasa incompetent for a while. Ngee.

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Chocolate said...

oh no!

hadi keep mr krab's misai
and emi has squidward's head

what happen to my dear friends?