Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Life As an Intern

Is this electrics? Or is it mechanics?
Either way i dont care, they both really reek.
Of engine, compressor or even turbine
Just the sight of it all, makes me wanna whine.

I walk up and down the factory aisle
As clueless and stupid as a dumbstruck child
They explain all about welding and X-Ray
and i'm not listening to a word that they say.


chopped up penis?

i had to summarize the injuries in the production line of the company im working in.

so, while googling different types of cut, i found this on Yahoo Answers:

I got a injury/cut while shaving my privat part ,penis.blood flow from it,injury is deep,i feel shy of consult.

(please abai kan the grammar. Dude's probably from Romania or something.)

Here are some of the feedbacks received:

1)you should see a doctor if you have hair on your penis. there shouldn't be any hair for you to shave off of there.

2)Do you feel shy enough to bleed to death?\

3)Serves you right for being such a pantywaist. If your girl told you it's sexy to jump off a bridge would you do that too? Serves you right for being a pussywhipped little wimp.

4)it would b more embarrassing if you die because of it ....think about it

and my favourite:

5) cut it off so you'll never have to worry about it ever again

honestly, PEOPLE!!!! Give the poor dude with half a penis a break!

LOL. i still cant stop laughing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

im on a reading frenzy.
i bought all these for like, a hundred, which is turning out more and more worth it with each page i turn.
aaaahh.. books are the best.
i dont know why i need to go out to seek for entertainment.
i'll be a bookworm/nerd now if you dont mind.
merissa k.

new moon

Ive been wondering.
Will i ever be as unshaken by death the way Isabella Swan is?
Or simply by pondering, am i admitting that I've been reading too much into Stephanie Meyer's words?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tarik Balik Paan!!! Nak Masuk Neraka Ke? Hahah

I told Paan,
On Xmas Eve, saya naik ke langit ke tujuh.

Dia reply,
So have you met God?

Oh Paan. Sangat tak sesuai.

p/s: Kalau tak faham post ini, tak perlu buat buat faham. :D



To the person named as stated above, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY FRICKING 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Ivan dearest,
You're one of the people whom i can always ALWAYS count on, no matter what.
And just for that, you deserve all the happiness you can get.

Wait til i get my first salary, ill get u a birthday/xmas present k doll?


p/s: its about time, go party and hook up with someone hot! 2 years is a freaking long time k van! hahahahahahahah!

Love you loads,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


You cracked a joke, and made me smile
We played kiddie games, with flair and style
Snapping photos, and pillow fights
Fun outings that last, for days and night

But all good things, must come to an end
Guess im destined to lose, such awesome friends
There will be emails, and expensive phone bills
I'll keep in touch, even if it kills

fresh blood

Third Week of Internship.
Im old news now.
Fresh, new blood coming in next week.
*evil grin*

Boss: Colleague, do you want a new intern?
(Colleague about to answer before boss cuts in)
Boss: But what do i need so many interns for? Hmmm. Asyik ambik intern perempuan je, bosan la. Ambik intern lelaki la pulak.

(I opened my mouth to say something when boss's friend said it first )

Boss's Friend: Haaaa. Ambik! Ambik yang handsome handsome sikit. Ambik yang kalau bawak jalan pun tak rasa malu.

Yes. Get the handsome intern in so there will be an eye candy in the department.
And so that my boyfriend will be worried.


Friday, December 19, 2008


makes you lose your sex drive



is the new facebook(?)

talking about twilight

It seems that every two blogs that i visit, theres a review on Twilight.
Be it to go gugu-gaga over Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson)or to talk about their movie experience.

For me, its just like any of the other superhero movies. Superman Batman Spiderman Cicakman.
The only difference is that its not about an alien, or a rich tech-savvy heir to an empire or somebody who's dna is mixed up with a spider's or a lizard's.

The movie is good, yes. It lays somewhere in between Love and Action. I hate the fact that they cut the part where Edward and Bella was making out in her room though.
Beats the purpose.
I still dont know what happened there when he was thrown on the wall.

Guess i just have to wait until my book arrives and find out! Whee! Haha.

The boys dont seem to like it that much tho.

Anyways. I dont think Robert Pattinson was cute. He was just oozing macho-ness. LOL is that even a word?

I think the reason why girls dig Twilight more than the guys do is due to daydreams. Girls fantasize being taken care of the way that Edward takes care of Bella.

Or some shit like that.


I better get back to work. Or not. Haha

Thursday, December 18, 2008

kena pakai jubah kah?

on monday and tuesday, i skipped work.
hey, bukan saja saja! saya ada mc okay!
but then again, bak kata iylia "learn to differentiate between reasons and excuses".

anyways,hari ini,everytime i meet someone, whether its :
-in the office
-dalam lunchroom
-dekat pantry over a hot cup of coffee
-di tepi welding machines yg noisy
-by the smoking gazebo,

ppl kept asking why i didnt come selama 2 hari.

they pondered whether i was really sick(because i dont look it) or i was totally faking it.

im not telling.

"kenapa u tak datang? oooo. ponteng ehh"

Kenapa orang notice? Mereka tak patut sedar existance saya.
nampak sgt saya tak blh mengular kalau mcm ni.

I think it is salah dua gergasi yg sentiasa berada dengan saya.
Mereka membuat kan org perasan kewujudan saya.
Applies to ketidakwujudan as well.

Superficial sungguh kamu semua!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

do you look at the submarine before it sails away?

do you?
do you?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


anecdote #1

my boyfriend has been sick for over a week. when we were in the car, just breezing thru the kota damansara toll booth, he told me that he thinks he's dying.

i scoffed at him and told him to stop speaking nonsense.

nonetheless, i remembered the old people's saying that if you dont have the appetite to eat for 40 days and 40 nights, it means ur dying. simpang malaikat 44.

mentally stressing about it, my driving converts to auto-pilot (read more on this on Effie's page).

The next thing i know, i heard somebody shouting HOIIIII violently. i was like 'who the hell is shouting like a hooligan in the middle of the highway ni?'.

I looked around and i realised i drove past the toll booth without taking my transit ticket. i strolled through as if it was a McD drive thru counter and ive changed my mind about ordering.

Embarassed, i tried to reverse the car back to save what was left of my dignity.
I couldnt.
There were too many cars.

So, with a thick face macam ive just put on a clown's makeup, i parked the car by the highway and walked the distance to the toll booth.
I could hear the toll gate guy telling the car that was pulling up to take their ticket about my stupidity.

Me: Emmm bang. Nak ticket.
Toll Gate Guy: Nak ticket? *sniggers*
Me: Yeah.
Toll Gate Guy: Kereta mana?
Me: Emm kat sana. Sorry tadi daydreaming tak sedar.
Toll Gate Guy: nah. lain kali mengelamun lagi ok?


anecdote #2

People say that Malaysians jakun Mat Saleh.
For once, the proof lies before my very own eyes.

A bunch of us were at the flea market at the Curve.
Apparently one of the stalls has a promo goin on.
If you fill in one of their shitty forms, theyll give you a packet of 'gula ketuk'. Its some kind of candy.

So. Ain had to fill in the form when we walked by with Arnaud by our side.
The girl who was handing out forms and candies immediately went googly eyed and went up to him and gave him 3 packets without the hassle of filling in forms.

We walked on and as we passed by the same stall again, the same girl stood in front of Arnaud and i. She said:
"Hey. You wanted to try this candy right? Since you guys are not from here, ill let you have extra packets so u can taste it. Take take. How many of these do you want"

We all stared at her rambling on and on.

At that point, i guess she realized that she was a tad bit too obvious. So she turned to me and offered me free candies as well. As we walked away, we teased Arnaud about it. For once, Nico wasnt the subject of teasing. Hehehe.

Arnaud simply claimed that he doesnt like sugary stuff and will just bring it back to France as souvenirs.

SOLD to the candy lady!

anecdote #3

for no particular reason, my straight hair decided to revamp itself and turned curly.
so, nowadays, i straightened my hair before i leave the house.

this weekend, as i was halfway through straightening my newly washed hair, i heard my straightening iron crackling. like, theres a short circuit somewhere.

not open to the idea of a burned ear and frizzy hair, i switched it off and asked my dad to fix whatever was wrong. he took a look and told me that theres a loose wire and confiscated it from me despite me arguing that my hair was half straight and half curly.

i looked like cruella de ville.

i was dumbfounded. azik laughed his head off looking at the state of my hair. ironically(excuse the pun) he joked about me using the normal iron to straighten the right side of my hair.

and that was exactly what i did.

with his help, i kneeled before the ironing board and entrusted azik not to burn my scalp off.

The result wasnt too bad. Im just glad my dad got my straightener fixed.


Friday, December 12, 2008

why cant we just be malaysians

i had a massive argument on this matter with my dad the other day.
he warned me that i shouldnt discuss it freely unless if i wanna risk kena penggal kepala.

i beg to differ.
perhaps that only applies to his generation.
i believe that our generation is more open to discuss things.
be it crappy things or things that affect the nation.

we were talking about the proposal to open uitm to non-bumi and about Dasar Ekonomi Baru.

In similar arguments, ive pissed quite a few people with my thoughts.
Perhaps i sound like a Malay bigot yang konon kononnya new generation Malay and one who doesnt believe that we need special treatment to get us far.

I wouldnt say that im that extreme.
Who doesnt like special treatment? I cant lie and tell you i dont. I love it when the police lets me off when another guy friend who breaks the same rule gets a RM300 summon. I feel important when a group of us go to the mamak and i get my drink first when others havent even had their order taken.

Please, dont get me wrong. I cant emphasize on this enough, i ADORE special treatment.


i do believe that Malays could probably go further if we dont rely on the special treatment all the time. I have non malay friends who have struggled so hard to excel in their studies and get straight As in SPM but in the end have to fork out lots of money to go to private colleges. Whereas us bumiputras get a few Cs and are still accepted in UITM.

I fear that the schoolkids wont have the drive to give it their all to excel in their studies, knowing that theres always going to be a place for them.

Im not anti Malay rights or anythg like that. No no no. I just wish that itd be nice if we're a tad bit more hardworking in getting what really matters. And that we do things right and not just sambil lewa.

And i hate the fact that we're such racists. Its always:
-Malays are lazy. Chinese are kiasu. Indians ckp berbelit.

Do you remember that part in Spinning Gasing where the Indian guy said "Its always like this. You Malays get all the name. You Chinese gets all the money. and we Indians get the blame."

Why cant we just be Malaysians and get rid of the whole stigma? Itll be nice to really be a nation. But i guess thats just another one of my wishful thinking.

Lunch break's over. Gotta go. :D


3rd December marks:


ive been wanting to write a proper post with pics colour and proper alignment and stuff, but the office is limiting everything on this pc. gahhh.

anyway, thats besides the point.

To my roommate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Im sorry this is a tad bit too late.

Im glad ive got the chance to get to know you. You're precious and i had lotsa great fun gossiping and doing stupid stuff with you.

Oh and she's one hot momma!! hahahaha.

love you babe. have a great year ahead.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my bestfriend left me for a palestinian-american

Im not the brightest colour in the pot.
And i dont have janggut.

Maybe thats why my bestfriend went to Michigan with her newfound love and left me here terkontang kanting.

Now im in the middle of a life changing crisis, and she's not around.

I mean yeah theres email and shit. but its just not the same.

Im glad she left her sister behind to come to my rescue.

To MR Omar's daughters,
hafizah and hamizah.
i love u both dearly.

thanks for just being there.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i miss...

i find myself missing things that i used to take for granted.

like, sleeping late at night(or at 9am)
and waking up late(6pm)

i miss utp's bouncy bed(Mum, please buy me a new mattress)

i miss the mamak happy hours

i miss not caring.

i miss both my roommates and the wacky moments in the room

i miss the comfort and familiarity of the campus

i miss connecting to everyone at the ease of a click(oh gtalk!)

i miss my housemates and their half nudity in the house.

i miss dating with my boyfriend di tgh campus (eh wait, that one i dont miss sgt kot. byk busybodies)
but i do miss the fact that i get to see him every single day without fail.

i miss campuszone where each sms is only 1cent. now its 7 friggin cekik darah cents.


yeah. and it has only been a week of internship.

suck it up sha.

Friday, December 5, 2008

the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.
the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

ok, nampak sangat aku dah bosan.

im re-typing what i saw on the back of the 2008 calendar.

warghghhghghghghghg. mother-eff.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear God,

Its seriously not funny anymore.
As you can see, im not laughing.

Oh please please, i beg you, give it back to me.

I promise i'll be a good girl.

Your humble slave,
Sometimes, you need to learn how to give and take.

In any relationship, its not about winning. It's about giving in.
When your rage takes over, it doesnt take much to make the relationship wobble and topple over.

Thats why, you need to take a moment, and let it go.
Just let it go.
Being happy is so much more convenient than being angry.

Perhaps, itll be a start of something much more meaningful.

So, for now, im accepting the apology and the reasons behind it.
And i too, apologise for making it hard on everyone involved.

Love love love.


There is this German guy in my department at work.

My boss jokingly called him kedekut over a Toblerone bar. And he asked her what kedekut was.

She told him to write it down on paper and ask his girlfriend what it means.(Assumption: his gf his Malaysian la kot)

To rebart and show off his wide vocab in BM, he asked us back if we knew what na-tut means.

As expected, we went "HUH????"

He then smugly smiled and claimed that he knws words that we dont.

When asked what na-tut means, he said that it means tired and sleepy.

We smiled at each other, and laughed.

"Its NGANTUK laaaaa! not Na-Tut!!"

he smiled sheepishly when my colleagues tried to teach him how to pronounce it.

then he conveniently announced that he had a meeting to go to.

The ENd

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i dont like not knowing

my roommate took my boyfriend's phone by accident.

so now, he's phoneless.

i'd have to call him via housephone.

the problem is, since yesterday, he wasnt at home.
so i called his hommies. and he wasnt with any of them as well.
(yes yes im an uptight gf. i like to stalk him)

im supposed to go to subang and meet him today.

but i called home, and he wasnt there.
called his friends, and he's not with them.

so, the question lies, where is he?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

why you shouldnt lie in your resume

OK adik adik. You need to pay very delicate attention to this, and please dont repeat what i did.

I took Intro to Computer & Information Systems (ICIS) about 3 years ago during my foundation year(untuk encik anon yg comment blog saya hari tu, saya dah 3 TAHUN HABIS FOUNDATION YERRR. so kebarangkalian adalah sgt tinggi that saya bukan junior kamu utk dipatronize).

And in ICIS class, we were taught how to use Microsoft Access.
So i can say that i am Access literate. At least Basic tu can laaa.

And so, to appear as if i'm multi-talented and competent, i included knowledge in Microsoft Access in my resume. Little did i know that it was going to be the main(if not sole) reason i got the job.

So, my supervisor asked me to built this database from scratch.

Dengan struggle nya, (and also with the help of Google) i managed to come up with a quite impressive form. Complete with the function to find specific chemical and its behavior when prompted.

And dengan teramat sangat bangganya, i showed it to her.

She said: Oh cool cool. But do you think you can put all this things in tables? And make separate ones for admin and the workers so people cant simply edit? And can you put this button and use this layout (continues to explain).

Dengan hati sedih and a forced smile, i replied: Boleh boleh.


how weyhhh? how? howwW??? how to put tables yang cantik dalam Access?? What are macros and shit? How to use the functions? Waaaaaa benciiiiii. Please somebody, buat kan for me? Or at least give me lessons ke apa. Tsk.

p/s: untuk menyedapkan hati Cik Azhani kita, im doing my internship at Kota Damansara. Its a company that fixes parts of German airlines. Its called Airfoil Services. :D
pp/s: ada lah beberapa jejaka german yg blh tahan kacak. tapi dlm department saya tak ada. jadi boyfriend tak perlu risau. sekian terima kasih.

jerit sampai pekak

i hate it when people say 'thats mean'.


if its that hard to say, then just say : itu maksudnya...

susah sangat ke?????

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Day I Woke Up at 7.

literally being forced out of bed by the parents(at times like these, i regret not renting out a room away from the family), i woke up with a grumpy face.

ohh boy its been a long time since i HAD to wake up early. good thing i wasnt stuck in traffic jam on the way to the office.

I received a few goodluck messages as well as requests to mintak belanja once i get my pay. To Azik, Miza, Iylia, Noin and Nico, thanks for caring enough to text me.

It really did mean a lot.

Thinking of others who are peacefully napping aggrevates me a lil. And to know that this is what life is gonna be like for the next 8 months, it didnt make things any better.

Yeah, work is work, its fine i guess. Oh and the food was awesome!

For fellow UTPians, you might remember Novell? Where you can share folders and shit. yeah, we order our food from there. theres a long list of menu and everything.

ill be having sweet & sour chicken with rice tomorrow and chicken chop the day after that. havent really decided on what to have on thursday though.

ive only been here 8 hours and im beginning to feel that this place is making me a boring person. huhuhu.

im gonna stop now. im boring myself.