Tuesday, December 16, 2008


anecdote #1

my boyfriend has been sick for over a week. when we were in the car, just breezing thru the kota damansara toll booth, he told me that he thinks he's dying.

i scoffed at him and told him to stop speaking nonsense.

nonetheless, i remembered the old people's saying that if you dont have the appetite to eat for 40 days and 40 nights, it means ur dying. simpang malaikat 44.

mentally stressing about it, my driving converts to auto-pilot (read more on this on Effie's page).

The next thing i know, i heard somebody shouting HOIIIII violently. i was like 'who the hell is shouting like a hooligan in the middle of the highway ni?'.

I looked around and i realised i drove past the toll booth without taking my transit ticket. i strolled through as if it was a McD drive thru counter and ive changed my mind about ordering.

Embarassed, i tried to reverse the car back to save what was left of my dignity.
I couldnt.
There were too many cars.

So, with a thick face macam ive just put on a clown's makeup, i parked the car by the highway and walked the distance to the toll booth.
I could hear the toll gate guy telling the car that was pulling up to take their ticket about my stupidity.

Me: Emmm bang. Nak ticket.
Toll Gate Guy: Nak ticket? *sniggers*
Me: Yeah.
Toll Gate Guy: Kereta mana?
Me: Emm kat sana. Sorry tadi daydreaming tak sedar.
Toll Gate Guy: nah. lain kali mengelamun lagi ok?


anecdote #2

People say that Malaysians jakun Mat Saleh.
For once, the proof lies before my very own eyes.

A bunch of us were at the flea market at the Curve.
Apparently one of the stalls has a promo goin on.
If you fill in one of their shitty forms, theyll give you a packet of 'gula ketuk'. Its some kind of candy.

So. Ain had to fill in the form when we walked by with Arnaud by our side.
The girl who was handing out forms and candies immediately went googly eyed and went up to him and gave him 3 packets without the hassle of filling in forms.

We walked on and as we passed by the same stall again, the same girl stood in front of Arnaud and i. She said:
"Hey. You wanted to try this candy right? Since you guys are not from here, ill let you have extra packets so u can taste it. Take take. How many of these do you want"

We all stared at her rambling on and on.

At that point, i guess she realized that she was a tad bit too obvious. So she turned to me and offered me free candies as well. As we walked away, we teased Arnaud about it. For once, Nico wasnt the subject of teasing. Hehehe.

Arnaud simply claimed that he doesnt like sugary stuff and will just bring it back to France as souvenirs.

SOLD to the candy lady!

anecdote #3

for no particular reason, my straight hair decided to revamp itself and turned curly.
so, nowadays, i straightened my hair before i leave the house.

this weekend, as i was halfway through straightening my newly washed hair, i heard my straightening iron crackling. like, theres a short circuit somewhere.

not open to the idea of a burned ear and frizzy hair, i switched it off and asked my dad to fix whatever was wrong. he took a look and told me that theres a loose wire and confiscated it from me despite me arguing that my hair was half straight and half curly.

i looked like cruella de ville.

i was dumbfounded. azik laughed his head off looking at the state of my hair. ironically(excuse the pun) he joked about me using the normal iron to straighten the right side of my hair.

and that was exactly what i did.

with his help, i kneeled before the ironing board and entrusted azik not to burn my scalp off.

The result wasnt too bad. Im just glad my dad got my straightener fixed.



azik said...

ahahah wei i ada gambar u tgh membongkok kat iron board la weh.

nanti i bagi okay.


Merissa K. said...

oh please tak payah.

s h a g o o said...

saya suka yang ini.hehe =)