Tuesday, December 2, 2008

why you shouldnt lie in your resume

OK adik adik. You need to pay very delicate attention to this, and please dont repeat what i did.

I took Intro to Computer & Information Systems (ICIS) about 3 years ago during my foundation year(untuk encik anon yg comment blog saya hari tu, saya dah 3 TAHUN HABIS FOUNDATION YERRR. so kebarangkalian adalah sgt tinggi that saya bukan junior kamu utk dipatronize).

And in ICIS class, we were taught how to use Microsoft Access.
So i can say that i am Access literate. At least Basic tu can laaa.

And so, to appear as if i'm multi-talented and competent, i included knowledge in Microsoft Access in my resume. Little did i know that it was going to be the main(if not sole) reason i got the job.

So, my supervisor asked me to built this database from scratch.

Dengan struggle nya, (and also with the help of Google) i managed to come up with a quite impressive form. Complete with the function to find specific chemical and its behavior when prompted.

And dengan teramat sangat bangganya, i showed it to her.

She said: Oh cool cool. But do you think you can put all this things in tables? And make separate ones for admin and the workers so people cant simply edit? And can you put this button and use this layout (continues to explain).

Dengan hati sedih and a forced smile, i replied: Boleh boleh.


how weyhhh? how? howwW??? how to put tables yang cantik dalam Access?? What are macros and shit? How to use the functions? Waaaaaa benciiiiii. Please somebody, buat kan for me? Or at least give me lessons ke apa. Tsk.

p/s: untuk menyedapkan hati Cik Azhani kita, im doing my internship at Kota Damansara. Its a company that fixes parts of German airlines. Its called Airfoil Services. :D
pp/s: ada lah beberapa jejaka german yg blh tahan kacak. tapi dlm department saya tak ada. jadi boyfriend tak perlu risau. sekian terima kasih.


paan terjatuh lagi. said...


Abudi Alsagoff said...

is this thing is happening like right now now or you are telling us not to do what you did?? LOL..

Me too are neither good in access..

Misz Mizah said...

Adoi.boleh x perempuan ni!

fizah said...

Awwww babyyyyy, my heart just flowers with pride reading this post. hehe. welcome to the working world, gotta learn on the job!! I miss you!! OMG I NAK BALIK JUMPA KAMU.

Merissa K. said...

paan. mengapa kah kamu erk?

It just happened to me yesterday dear. And so i was stuck at this office loooooong after everybody left, trying to cover up my incompetency.


Alaaaa sorry la i tak ambik BIS. I tak belajar buat database. HUhuhuhu. Mana nak tauuu. Tsk.

Ur happy that im suffering? Tch. Hahahhaa.

Ohh baby i miss you too. Come back soon aight? and email me, ill reply. promise promise.

Shira-chan said...

babe, I thought u buat civil? knape tiba2 kena buat database pulak? >___>

Hani said...

haha i thot u mention my name sb nk mntk i aja u access.

i think ur knowledge on access lagi bes dr i kot.

i tatau tatau tatau access. sori kenot help. but way to go!

Adreen Nordin said...

hahahah.. post awak kelakar. sorry i had to laugh.

Inana Douie said...

i tak cakap dalam resume pakai flash pun macam kena belajar pakai flash je. diorang ingat interns ni super fast and super adaptable kot.
kalau aku elastigirl takpa jugak.

azik said...

ahahaha u actually kena buat database ke? hahahahahah

Obefiend said...

this one time i told everyone i know how to use excell

i dont know

yeah sue me. since when do art student use excell

but at least i know how to use MAX and After Effect eh? lol