Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i miss...

i find myself missing things that i used to take for granted.

like, sleeping late at night(or at 9am)
and waking up late(6pm)

i miss utp's bouncy bed(Mum, please buy me a new mattress)

i miss the mamak happy hours

i miss not caring.

i miss both my roommates and the wacky moments in the room

i miss the comfort and familiarity of the campus

i miss connecting to everyone at the ease of a click(oh gtalk!)

i miss my housemates and their half nudity in the house.

i miss dating with my boyfriend di tgh campus (eh wait, that one i dont miss sgt kot. byk busybodies)
but i do miss the fact that i get to see him every single day without fail.

i miss campuszone where each sms is only 1cent. now its 7 friggin cekik darah cents.


yeah. and it has only been a week of internship.

suck it up sha.


Inana Douie said...

i demam. utp clinic free. tadi kena RM 46. mati kemiskinan lah begini.

Shira-chan said...

yea, agree with Ina. I hate being 21, now I'm not covered by my mum's medical insurance anymore. And we're only covered while we're in UTP. Damn la.

And I can't believe that you're missing UTP already. =___= I baru only want to start missing UTP, and I'm on my 28th week! lolz

Nurul Aain said...

me too, shira. i baru nak start miss utp after.. (isst 28th?) 28 week.

oh, luckily im still 20 when im doing intern. teehee. so everytime i want to take mc, i can say i sakit this that and dpt mcm2 ubat tak perlu byr :P

i don't miss utp that much. i just miss everyone in it. especially the pretty n crazy housemates!

i love you guys!

p/s: sha, at least u dont have to drive jauh2 pg office. so, suck it up!

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ahh im pretty much enjoying my quiet life here in UTP.

somebody aritu ejek padan muke bdk master xde cuti. for me, wow wow whee budak master xde cuti~ skrg dah kosong, UTP aku punye~ xD

malam ni, naked mile v5 to v1 =b