Tuesday, December 2, 2008

jerit sampai pekak

i hate it when people say 'thats mean'.


if its that hard to say, then just say : itu maksudnya...

susah sangat ke?????


Shira-chan said...
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Shira-chan said...

I know. It bugs me to no end too. >___> The worst bit is that they smugly think they're correct, since all their friends say it too. wahahahaha.

Another common one that bugs me: It's not pronounced "without further a-dew". It's pronounced exactly how it's spelt. "Without further ado." Or if even that is hard to read, then it's "a-doo". Doooooooooo!!!

(I had to re-post this sbb byk typo. Meh.)

diha said...

hi was bloghopping and couldnt help but to say this.

since shira brought it up,i just feel the need to agree and share this with you

click http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/without+further%2Fmore+ado

Anonymous said...

it's uncalled for to condemn other people just because their language abilities are not as good as yours :) just being a lil honest.

Merissa K. said...

i totally get what ur saying. its like, if we try to correct them (in the nicest way possible) . theyll be like 'oh.' and simply disregard whatever it is we were saying.

and no, this doesnt apply to absolutely everyone. just the ones who are smug about it.

errr. thanks?

And thanks for your honest opinion? I guess i just got carried away because i had to hear the same phrase over a hundred times on the day that i wrote that post.

like i said to shira, it doesnt apply to everyone. i totally dont mean to condemn. i was just reaaaaaaaalllllyyyyy friggin frustrated.

i do apologise though. :)

for people who says thats mean, do know that the correct term is that means. not trying to be condescending or anything, its just a mere tip.