Monday, December 1, 2008

The Day I Woke Up at 7.

literally being forced out of bed by the parents(at times like these, i regret not renting out a room away from the family), i woke up with a grumpy face.

ohh boy its been a long time since i HAD to wake up early. good thing i wasnt stuck in traffic jam on the way to the office.

I received a few goodluck messages as well as requests to mintak belanja once i get my pay. To Azik, Miza, Iylia, Noin and Nico, thanks for caring enough to text me.

It really did mean a lot.

Thinking of others who are peacefully napping aggrevates me a lil. And to know that this is what life is gonna be like for the next 8 months, it didnt make things any better.

Yeah, work is work, its fine i guess. Oh and the food was awesome!

For fellow UTPians, you might remember Novell? Where you can share folders and shit. yeah, we order our food from there. theres a long list of menu and everything.

ill be having sweet & sour chicken with rice tomorrow and chicken chop the day after that. havent really decided on what to have on thursday though.

ive only been here 8 hours and im beginning to feel that this place is making me a boring person. huhuhu.

im gonna stop now. im boring myself.


jeff said...


all the best in enduring this!

A.Afiq A. Malik said...


Semoga kau tak banyak ponteng, tidur, dan mengular masa kerja.

Ah. Ini baru wish yang betul.


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

intern bosan gila ok,i keluar hisap rokok jeh tadi.bayang kan 9 hours menghadap pc????

Adreen Nordin said...

babe.. lupa nk ckp good luck kt u. hehe. owh semoga anda boring selalu. 8 bulan. lamaaa

Hani said...


u blom cakap u intern mane, ok.

but anyway, mane2 pon, good luck ok!

Merissa K. said...

oh hahahah. thanks for the wish. im gonna need all the luck i can get.

Kamu macam tahu tahu je aktiviti harian saya ehh? hahaha. tgk laa nanti, blk utp, saya akan jadi workaholic yg rajin! ahahhaa.

as compared to saya? saya lagi la, buat benda yg tak berapa nak ada kena mengena dengan civil pun. huhu.

oh sungguh mulia wish kamu. hahahah. thank u nevertheless. semoga saya boring.

saya dah buat p/s khas untuk kamu di post terbaru. hee. thanks for wishing me luck. like i said before, im gonna need it. ni baru pukul 1, i dah mengantuk dah.