Thursday, November 27, 2008

a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect sem

Marking the last night in UTP, we jazzed things up a lil to make it a night to remember.
I never knew that leaving UTP is gonna make me so emotional. But i guess knowing how much fun the people i'm leaving behind are, it makes it that much harder.

That was us all, warming up to the camwhoring session before the real deal. Stereo pumping with lagu lagu membakar, and with my lousy driving skills we finally reached the destination.

Tasha Nad Ain
Zul Azik
Arnaud Nico
Zayd Sopek Bijan

. this is me and si cinta hati.

. and this, is everyone of us.

Two mamak sessions and a visit to the karaoke station later, I was as happy as a fly.

It has been such a long while since we've loosen up and had this much fun.
And though it was practically a farewell party, i feel more exhilarated than i've ever felt this entire semester.

Thank you dear housemates,
Thank you boyfriend and his housemates,
Thank you my French musketeers,
and Thank you Zayd Sopek and Bijan.

It was so much fun.
I'll totally reminisce about this and cry time intern nanti.


Now i can drive back home feeling contented.


Til next time, sweethearts.

Bye Bye UTP.
(ceyhhh, aku ckp macam dah nak grad je kan.haha)


Naddddddd. said...

great night! woot woot! tapi pasti saya rindu those moments juga. =(

azik said...

yea yea great night
im glad that we didnt get our time wasted by a stupid conversation
anyhow im going to really missing those guys wei
we never know when we cud ever see them again.

ainnabella said...

saya akan rindu abang karoke!
out of topic-haha. gonna miss the oh-oh-oh moments and semua2 sekali.

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ouh. another nite out. nice.

btw u've been tagged. sorry. :D

Anonymous said...

budak utp? budak foundation some more? gle melampau dressing..malu ade student utp cm ko....

Merissa K. said...

honey, why miss them when you can have 2nd and 3rd rounds? hoho.

Aye Aye! Conversation takbest adalah totally tak perlu! Ingat pesan i tu, bawak sampai next sem.

Yessss. Abang karaoke sgt baik hati. Next time korg pergi, tip dia byk byk ok? Hahaha.

It was! It was! Nice, i mean.

Encik Anonymous,
I wouldve felt a tad bit ashamed if it werent for u being a total cretin.
Budak foundation??? Hel-lo!!! Did you actually take some time to read ANY of my writings while ur ogling at our pics??

Omg. The bluntness of some people is simply uncomprehendable.

Saya pun malu ada student utp macam kamu.

I wouldve apologised if i had offended any of you guys by wearing what we wore, but since you dont respect me enough to at least reveal the person behind the BIG words, i just cant give you my respect as well.

But seriously, if you dont like looking at the pics, then DONT LOOK. dont come to my blog and patronise the pics in it without even reading a single word that i wrote.

tolong la dont make a fool of urself.