Sunday, November 16, 2008

this is a long one, ive to warn you

like delicate flowers and inseparable pair of velcros.
(pardon my obsession with velcros)

ones that get my insanity
and pardons my vulgarities
always there to back me up
and makes me feel at home

friends have always been an important fixture in my life
theyre the reason awful places become bearable
(like here)

some stay right through the end
some fades out in between
some goes away forgotten
and some makes a point to be remembered

If i were to list one by one out right now, it would be a tad bit impossible. There are friends from school, and uni, and from home, from work, from random places. Yeah, impossible. You'd know if you're one of them.

And though sometimes you cant mix friends from different cliques due to the foreseen awkwardness, you march past that point and live with it anyway.

So, my darling gem of friends,
Here's a THANK YOU hug for sticking by, regardless of the situation.
Id kiss the ground you walk on.
(of course im not expecting you to claim that from me)

Actually upon writing this, i have a very specific point but upon rambling on and on, i kinda forgot. hahaha.

oh well

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