Friday, November 7, 2008


It has been a long time since anything happened in campus.
The most exciting thing would probably be the Mangga Madu makcik from pasar malam finally got a booth at v5 cafe.

Until that fateful night.

Venue: UTP's swimming pool.

It was the 5 of them that night. Lets call em Kartika, Sharifah, Nabilah, Mohd and Zulkifli. Having the sudden urge to go swimming that night, they jumped off the high wall and sat by the poolside, waddling their feet in the water.

Suddenly, they saw two heads bobbing about. They have invited over 3 friends from "Belgium" to share the massive pool with them. The two heads certainly didnt look like the 3. A thought that it might be the security guard made them cringe and scoundered silently so that they will go unnoticed.

It turned out that it was only another couple whom they also knew, Lets call em B and M. So Kartika and the others helped B and M to hop in.

Soon, the other 3 arrived. Elaine Nick and Arnold. :)

So there they were the 10 of them. With goggles and a beach ball. Laughing and chattering to one another.

And 5 minutes after that, they could hear a few suara sumbang. Asking them to leave the pool.

"ADIK! ADIK! KELUAR!" says the guard.

They pretended not to hear, hoping that the guard will finally get frustrated at being ignored and leave.

No chance of that.

After about 10 mins of ignoring the guards, and coming to terms that it's unlikely of them to leave them in peace, they pretended that they were all foreigners who couldnt understand a word of English.

The shouting got worse.

And so the group sent Nick and Arnold to talk to the guards. They started putting their dumb blonde act and pretended not to understand a single word that came out of the guard's mouth.

Guard: What time is it? [Translation: do you know what time is it.]
Dumb Blonde 1: Time? Time? I dont understand you.
Dumb Blonde 2: 6? What you're saying? We dont understand.

Then Mr B came to join the two dumb blondes. And they started speaking in foreign language to the guards which was kind of hilarious for the others to watch.

But the guards wouldnt leave. Instead, they called for reinforcements. A few cars and trucks and more motorcycles crowded the pool.

Kartika then heard the guards saying that they wanna come in and take down everyone's name and pics.(which pops the question? what would they wanna do with the pics of people in swimming suits? jack off to them?).

She freaked because if the guards were to come in, they'd be so busted. Couldnt understand BM? Scoff.

And so they made a run for it. Using the backgate, one by one they jumped off the wall and ran to save their life. A very Baywatch moment i might add.

Nabilah and Zulkifli held hands and mastered the arts of pretending to be a couple. Sharifah, Mohd and Kartika on the other hand, freaked out , not knowing what to do. It was like a bad episode of a reality TV show where the cops busted a gang of bank robbers.

A freaky night, thats what they told me. Nabilah and ZUlkifli even got chased by a 'tracking dog'.

For more detailed info about what happened, you should ask the 10 of them. I cant really describe the exhilaration and what they were feeling prior to being chased. Only they know.

And for all you readers, as far as you are concerned, this is just a badly written fiction of someone who's mentally incompetent. :)


Nurul Aain said...



Abudi Alsagoff said...

hahahahaha... funny, especially the part where those two acting like they don't understand BM.. LOL

seriously fiction?

Merissa K. said...

no honestly its not. hee.

true story. :D

Amir Hamzah said...

hahhahaha!! omg tash. never an ordinary day

ainnabella said...

huuuu.anjing gila ok!
buat cuak je. tsk tsk

Obefiend said...

pak gad is yer best fren

cleo weiland said...

Now that's something I have yet to do. Swim at night in UTP. The closest I got to that was at the Damai Laut Resort pool, 3am post-Batch Dinner.

Anyway, what made the pakgads notice you guys were in the pool? Must've been one hell of a pool party, I might add.


-mrs obefiend

Merissa K. said...

ordinary apa tuu. hehehe.

anjing gila/trained anjing yg kejar org. ala. same difference.hahaha.

they are, arent they? *giggle*

oh no no. it wasnt me at the pool. totally someone else. *giggle somemore* not my friends as well. LOL.

i guess THEY were making such a racquet kot. what with the beach ball and all kan. hahaha.

i must warn them to be more careful next time. hahaha.

kekasih said...

inilah kengkawan daku kalau dah tak cukup mandi!

nasib baik i tak join
dah la having period

nanti lari-lari
ada a trail of darah lak following me

conform kena cekup ngn anjing pengesan tersebut!

fara said...

*rotflmao* !!!!

Shira-chan said...

lolz omg
I must have snuck into the pool like half a dozen times during foundation.
was not busted even once.
those ppl have like the worst luck. either that, or they were really making a helluva lot of noise. =P