Wednesday, November 19, 2008

heading back home

ive waited for this moment since my first month in UTP.
the moment where ill be leaving this place for 8 glorious months.

no more classes and tests and bloody assignments every other day.
no more making up excuses not to go to class.
no more sakit hati for the lack of social life.
no more watching perangai pelik2.

of course theres the downside of missing zul like a crazy cow.
long distance.

but yeah im looking forward to facing a new environment even if that means being a buruh kasar/photostat engineer.

goodbye scums of guards.
goodbye UTP workers yg tak membantu.
and goodbye mamak mamak yg baik hati. ill miss ur teh tarik suam.

and most of all(no cynicism here)
goodbye ina and iylia(ill see u in KL)
goodbye nad(awesome roommate! no offence noin)
goodbye penghuni bilik no. 3
goodbye azik(the brother i wish is bonded by blood)
goodbye si cekangs: mizah ika izzah deli khai mimi (here's to our crazy studying days)
goodbye semua housemates: wina(bye bye baby) melissa(the house wont be the same)
goodbye koalas yg tinggal nama saja
goodbye three french musketeers: nicolas arnaud sebastien (ill miss you guys but i definitely wont miss those french jokes that i cant understand. long live assholes. hehe)

no goodbyes to Muhammad Dzulhazmi Shaarin because you baby, ill see u each weekend.


Weena said...

haha tasya u sound mcm nak kuar dr utp forever or mcm nak grad je. i pn blombuat that goodbyes list lagi. anyway have fun while doing internship k. serious best intern, nnti mesti rasa taknak blk utp dah. good luck and all the best babe! mwahs

ps: eh nnti dah keje jgn ponteng2 mcm ponteng class ok!

zalikha anas said...

ill miss you like a mad cow too darling,dtg la visit byk2 tau! :(

kechi said...

happy internship..btw,where u will be doin ur ITP?

Naddddddd. said...

i'll be seeing you on friday.tak kira tak excuses!merajuk kang.loool.

Hani said...

tash, xckp pon u dpt intern mane.

as ur penasihat agung i deserve some news kan? haha

fara said...

oh oh bye tasha! *sob*

ps: balik utp cepat!

azik said...

ouh u nak jumpa zul every weekend but taknak jumpa us la? demmit...>,<

ouh ouh anyhow tolong la cepat balik utp sekarang. i ada satu cerita yg sgt menjengkelkan. huhuhuh

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

ok tasha,kau kena tag!

Nurul Aain said...


are u trying to make me jealous?

u go make out with nad in front of me

then only i'll be jealous

i know u love me more


Obefiend said...

utp best la

u will miss it. trust me