Thursday, November 13, 2008

ancient age

i wonder:
(i seem to wonder a lot these days, mcm takde kerja lain nak buat.hehh)

at this age, when we like ppl, we flirt.
we text them
we call them
ajak makan
ajak dating
you know, the works.

but for single people at the age of 40 onwards, how the hell do they flirt?

do they send text messages and flirt like we do?
that would be a tad bit disgusting no?
(im picturing my mom receiving the kinds of msges i do and giggling while staring at the phone. ugh)

so. tell me. how.

and bila they go out dating, do they do corny stuff.
do they make out at the end of the day(double eww).

what? what? what?

howwwwwww? aku curious ni. bagitau laaa. huhu.


fizah said...

Hahaha aku tengok mak Jamal tu berpacaran mcm best je. Dah la selalu bertukar pasangan international lagi tu. Comel dan muda2. Hahaha. Mcm la jamal nak datang baca comment ni tapi just to be safe!! Lololololol.

diha said...

heyyy i was bloghopping n felt the need to leave a comment.hope you dont mind =)

yes,they do flirt and really sweep u off ur feet.