Tuesday, November 11, 2008

geleng geleng

With the goddamn exam fever attempting to make everyone mentally sick, i cant help but go visit the clinic. Library. Yeah time to put the geek glasses on.

And there, a particular amusing memory revisited me.

I mightve told this story before but lantak ah kan? Its my blog. Biar la nak post 5 juta kali pun.

Besides, im sure you are all familiar with my repetitive nature. Hoho.

So anyways, I was at the ground floor, studying Statics or something that is equally as shitty. Zul was at the other end of the table, revising Islamic Studies.

Out of nowhere, a guy came up to me.

Guy: Hey, you Tasha kan?
Me : Err. Yea.
Guy: Ur the emcee tu kan?
Me : *scoff scoff* Errrrrr. [senyum sheepishly sebab tak tau what to say]
Guy: You study apa ni? When's ur paper?
Me : Ermm. Statics. My paper is on (insert day here)
Guy: Ohhh. U buat course apa ehh?
Me : Urm Civil.

I could sense then that something was pelik pelik. Didnt the dude notice that Zul was sitting right there, staring amusingly at him? I guess he didnt kot because he continued talking.

Guy: Back home u tinggal kat mana?
Me : KL.
Guy: Ooooo KL. I thought so. Which part?
Me : Damansara.
Guy: Oh Damansara! I suka hangout kat sana!
Me : Oh ok cool.
Guy: Later u balik library macam mana?
Me : Im driving back.
Guy: Ohhh ye ke? Baru ingat nak offer a ride back if ur walking.
Me : Oh takpe its okay. [senyum]
Guy: Tadi you datang dengan siapa?
Me : Tadi? Dengan BOYFRIEND i, dia (pointing to Zul yang tgh tersengih goofy)

kwang kwang kwang

Guy: Ohh. Errr. ERrrrrr. Urmmmm. (held out a hand to shake hands with Zul) Dude, sorry i didnt know. Emmm ok lah. Bye.

And he stormed out faster than you can say "Kan Dah Malu".

And we never saw him at the library ever since.


|sMa| said...

dude, get a pair of glasses!

u made me laugh in the mid of a shitty week. thx!


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

satu dunia kot dah tau u da ada bf.mungkin dia budak foundy.

Amir Hamzah said...


kekasih said...

ive read this like twice
u posted it
or told it

something like that kot

i lost track la tash
u cerita banyak sangat!


encikpundak said...

Oh.. nice try.. ngorat awek depan bfnye sndiri

and oh! cool gle ur bf..

Hani said...

tasha seryesly. siapekahhhhhhh dia yang malang itu hahaha

Adreen Nordin said...

hahahahahahha.. die ingat zul bff u kot.

Shira-chan said...

haha. poor sob. =P

Joni said...

oh...this is funny...
begitu berjaya sekali dzul memainkan watak tunggul kayu....sampai tak perasan tu....gudluck exam!!!!