Sunday, November 9, 2008

click clock

i cant stop playing solitaire.
damnit its addictive.

if only studying gives me the same effect.


Obefiend said...

you think solitaore is addictive? try playing photoshop and after effect. its and endless game

oh wait those are not games.. ha ha ha

ok seriously i am addicted to a game called Muslim Massacre. you play as a rambo-esque warrior killing as many muslims as you can. at your disposal are MG, rocket launcher, shotgun and handgun.

the mid level boss is osama bin laden. his power move is a barrage of 747 seven diving to the ground kamizkaze style

i heard from the web, the final boss is Allah. i have yet to clear level 9. so thats why im playing this blasphemous game. i wont stop playing until i meet god in that game

pray for my soul


Amir Hamzah said...

for some reason i fail to find the humor from ur comment.

Elena said...

Oh yes.

And I totally had to return Ina's mouse so that I'd stop playing minesweeper with the sole purpose of beating my own best time.

We need some serious help, do we not?