Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Chance is All It Takes

The night was calm, as it naturally is on occasions like these. 
Dare I tell you about the stars? Oh, the stars!

Warm glows were emanating from them, and everything else shuddered in silence. 

Enough about the night, lets move on to the companion.
He had the kind of smile people fall in love with .
It's the kind of smile infatuations are born from. 
And, just then, looking at THAT smile, something in me raced fast. 

As if on cue, he placed his ear right above my heart. 
"Your heart is beating really fast."

Unable to come up with a suitable reply, I just stared into the depths of his eyes.
He gazed in return while still keeping an ear on my heart rate.
While everything was passing by in a dreamlike manner, I found myself thinking,
"I wouldn't mind spending all my time simply staring into these pair of eyes."

The realization that this person has managed to make me THIS happy, simply with his eyes and smile, overwhelmed me. 

I remembered feeling momentarily nervous and something in me paused for a while, trying to make sense of the new sensation.
At the exact moment I crinkled my forehead in confusion, he looked up at me and slowly said, 
"I dont know how to tell you this, but your heart LITERALLY just skipped a beat."

What he said set me floundering in my own thoughts. 'Did i hear him right?' 
That whole scene seemed like everything was a plan simply waiting for the cue to come on for it to be executed. 
Who says things like that in real life, anyway?
For the life of me, until this very moment, I didn't even know that 'heart skipping a beat' was a real sensation.
I've always thought it was a sentiment fully romanticized by Hallmark and the likes.

And at that moment, I smiled.
Because if you give people a chance, sometimes they might just surprise you. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

dig deep. got dug.

I promised a lot.

But never that I wouldn't get back up after you knocked me down.

Never that my broken remains wouldn't catch fire. 
Never that I wouldn't burn through the ice and snow one more time.

And you can slam your glaciers into to me, so slowly, and even though they hurt, I will not go numb from the cold, I will not pass out from the pain, I will look up at you and the world and whisper through bloody teeth


- The Sun Will Freeze Before I Do, I Wrote This For You

I loved this.
I believe 'this' loved me too.

And all that loving, all that twisted longing, it made me feel invincible.

Even for a while.
Even for a short while.
It will keep me going.