Monday, October 25, 2010

pantun attempt #1

rintik rintik di balik jendela
bagai menyanyi lagu di hati
dijentik jentik hati yang lara
mengharap senyum terukir kembali

Arsenal vs. Manchester City

after 45 minutes of nail-biting, they made a comeback.

Nasir, Bendtner, Song,
tonight korang lelaki paling handsome atas muka bumi! 

Thank you Fabianski, for not pulling a Rob Green.

Thank you Adebayor, for the almost-own-goal. It wouldve been so much better if it wasnt an 'almost'. Imagine the entire Arsenal team sliding in front of Man City's supporters, showing off,  just like you did last season. Imagine. Fuh. That would be swell!

Thank you.

Thank you for not being a disappointment tonight.
Thank you for this feeling of triumph! (you know how long it has been..)
Thank you for making it worth skipping studying for my test. 

of being content and uncertainties

Iylia Elena once told me :

The line between your love for something and your pride of ownership over it is very thin. 

Boy! I hate it when she's right (which is pretty much all the time)!

When something goes wrong, being human, we tend to point the finger elsewhere. But like love, mishaps too, take two to tango. As much as it sucks being in the wrong, you can't deny that you too, have erred.

Wanting to be a part of someone's life is only understandable, especially when you're in love. But it is never okay to take full part. Your life is yours, and your partner's life is theirs. Some space, are simply not meant to be invaded.

With that,

*inhale* *exhale*

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not, then it's not the end."

Friday, October 22, 2010

because we are as we are

while i still have a smidgen of rage in me (which will hopefully help this post write by itself), i guess i should write.
Something. Anything.

life gives us not answers but instead,
it poses questions.

and if you get it correct,
you would know,
because it would feel right.

as im hovering
neither here nor there
grasping for hints
to guide me through it all,
i float higher
i sink lower
but i am as i am
and the world is what it is

even if you do not make a decision, the universe will make one for you.

putus jari boleh jahit, putus hati?

di saat aku berdosa dan kamu berdosa.
di saat aku terleka dan kamu berahsia.
di saat ragu pilu menghentam dada.
di saat itu lahir curiga.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my brother, the clown.

i dont get why my room is so hot.
panas. panas. panas.
im living in fear of getting heat stroke while im sleeping!
tuh. tuh.

ok dah habis merengek.

anyway, my parents have always had this strict restriction :
no boyfriend/girlfriend until after high school.

perhaps that was why i never had a boyfriend until lah masuk university. (wahahaha, in denial gila! padahal time sekolah selekeh gila mana ada orang nak buat girlfriend!)

back to my story.
my brother (the only boy among us) is 10 just got ratted by our lil sister.
She told the parents that he has a girlfriend called something or other.

Mom : Hakim ada girlfriend? Kan Papa dah cakap dulu, no girlfriends until habis sekolah!
Hakim : Eleh biar lah.Papa lain, Hakim lain.
Mom : Girlfriend Hakim cantik tak?
Hakim : Mestilah cantik!
Mom : Tak pun biar Mama je lah cari kan. Nak tak?
Hakim : Tak mau!!! Kalau Mama yang pilih mesti Mama cari yang solehah.


Friday, October 8, 2010


1. im having one of those days. that day where i feel like strangling strangers.

2. ive been stuck at Freecell game #169 for thirty minutes and i still havent been able to solve it. at this rate i will be 45 when i finally finish game #1000000.

3. FRIENDS is still the only thing that's making me feel better on an awful day.

4. i used to think that Kristin Stewart was an abysmal actress. turns out it was just Bella Swan who was an airhead. 

5. the idea of synchronised swimming is really appealing right now, but i cant even swim to begin with so i might as well forget it.

6. i really dig Kevin McHale who plays the dude in the wheelchair in Glee. comellll.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unwelcome Words

i was re-reading Amir Muhammad's piece for New Malaysian Essays 1 : Unwelcome Words when my OCD side of the brain refuses to read on without highlighting ones that i particularly like.

Anak ikan :
Catamite ; a young man, perhaps barely past the age of consent, used for sexual purposes. Has both heterosexual and homosexual connotations and so, in the parlance of personal ads, it's a 'versatile' phrase. From the Malay 'little fish' which you can swallow whole without worrying about de-boning.
"The actress Rosnah Mat Aris got into trouble for speaking too enthusiastically about her alleged anak ikan on a talk show."

Apanama :
Malay for 'Whatsisname'. To say this while searching your mental database for the person's name might signify a kind of lofty contempt. Popularised by former Prime Minister Tun Mahathis Mohamad, who used it all the time during interviews, although the word would usually be edited out by the time it appeared in the print media.
"That anak ikan of hers... apanama... Adam was just in here looking for DVDs."

Cable :
Denotes crony connections. A stronger version of 'pulling strings'. Despite the government's persistent attempts to encourage transparency and openness, some spoilsports insist on doing business this way!
"That bugger should not have been promoted so quickly, but he has cable."

Chu kia :
Of inferior quality. From the Hokkien, 'make/work false.'
"That sex video recording is not so chu kia, they used four cameras!"

Feng tau :
Chinese techno music, that is associated in the popular imagination with the XTC drug, the consumption of mineral water, dark places, laser strobe lights, and throbbingly insistent songs that consist of the repetition of the same 5 words. From the Cantonese, 'shake head.'/
"I tried to concentrate on Trigonometry despite the feng tau from across the road."

Kau tim :
To settle a debt or seal a deal. From the Cantonese, 'play finish.'
"The cop stopped me for speeding but he was such an obliging bugger that RM5 was enough to kau tim."

Line clear :
This is a bit more than 'the coast is clear', it means that there are no further impediments to success. Probably after you have kau tim with the right people. One of Malaysia's most commercially successful film directors, Razak Mohaideen, uses it for his company name, although here it might mean he's so attuned to what the public wants it's like he gets a good radio signal.
"After he married the leader's daughter, it was line clear for him."

Muka seposen :
To look pitiful ; sometimes a useful tool for the passive aggresive type. Literally Malay 'ten-sen face', as if that person were a beggar who would be content with such a small amount. 
"Get that lancau and his muka seposen out of here or I will lanyak him."

Porah/podah :
Go away, sometimes in a figurative sense of 'Get outta here!' from the Tamil.
"When the DVD scandal broke, he insisted he wouldn't resign, but everyone else told him to porah."

Projek :
Malay sland for 'illicit sex' ; because the way projects are awarded in Malaysia also involves lies subterfuge and some cleaning up afterwards.
"They decided the movie was poyo and so they porah to the staircase to projek."

Rempit :
Young Malay males on motorcycles, who conduct illegal street races and inspire hit movies. The Dictionary defines the word only as 'to hit with a rattan cane' but this now probably refers to a fantasy punishment for the racers.

Sabo :
Short for sabotage. 
"We were about to projek last night but some guard sabo our plans by locking up the staircase."

Skandal :
A sex partner with whom you have no emotional bond.
"He was driving back with his skandal when they were overtaken by a bunch of samseng rempit types."

Skodeng :
Peeping tom. Someone who spies on, and maybe takes secret recordings of courting couples while they projek in parks and staircases. 
"There was a suggestion in Terengganu in early 2007 to recruit skodeng to become religious vigilantes, all in the name of vice reduction."

I would seriously suggest all of you to get a copy of New Malaysian Essays. They are in their 3rd edition already as of now. 

It's really good to know that there are plenty of unconventional published writers who writes with real essence as compared to those sappy Malay 'romance' novels and Malay chic-lit with predictable story line. At least these people won't kill your brain cells simply through their writing. :)


Monday, October 4, 2010

Arsenal vs. Chelsea

1. Benci tak bila 1st, 2nd, 8th, 28th minute ada goal attempt tapi haram satu pun tak masuk?

2. Benci tak bila match against big teams je tak boleh nak menang? Nak seri pun susah. Kalau setakat menang dengan West Brom Bolton and the likes je buat apaaaaa.

3. Benci tak bila there's nothing to be proud of sebab team sendiri dah bertahun tahun tak menang league?

4. Benci tak bila Arshavin perform the first few games je lepas tu showed the world that he's just an old guy who cant even run properly after the ball?

5. Benci tak bila ball possession dah 62-38 to our advantage pun still tak boleh score lagi?

6. Benci tak bila Chelsea's first goal was by accident terkena kaki sekali heyyyyy WTF MASUK PULAAAAKKKK? Dah lepas tu Drogba boleh bajet Elvis pulak tepi padang. Hotdaymn.

7. Benci tak bila player Arsenal lembik gila sikit sikit nak injured?

8. Benci tak bila tengok Koscielny macam takde contribution? Since his debut, kerja asyik nak injured, lepas tu kena yellow card. Pfft.

9. Benci tak bila ada striker yang tak reti nak tendang bola, reti header je. (read : Chamakh)

10. Benci tak bila Fabregas takde, it's as if semua orang doesnt have a clue what to do and bercamaraderie di atas padang? 
11. Benci tak bila delay journey nak balik UTP just to watch the game tapi kalah bodoh macam ni?

12. Benci tak bila in addition to all these, ada suara suara sumbang bahan Arsenal dengan semangat sebab pergi tengok bola dekat area Chelsea's supporters?


I repeat. BENCI. 

p/s : tapi at least Arsenal tak kalah dengan Blackpool dekat turf sendiri, unlike some people. hahahah. (cheap shot, i know)

Friday, October 1, 2010

God's Existence.

If God does not exist, 
that means heaven does not exist either. 
And that means the world's poor,
those millions who live in poverty and oppresion,
will never go to heaven. 

And if that is so, 
then how do you explain all the suffering of the poor?
What are we here for,
and why do we put up with so much unhappiness,
if it's all for nothing?

-Snow, Orhan Pamuk

of enjoying life and going with the flow (just like a fish!)

Fall in love or Fall in hate.
Get inspired or Be depressed.
Ace a test or Flunk a class.
Make babies or Make art.
Speak the truth or Lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or Sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos.
Embrace it.
Forgive yourself.
And enjoy the ride.


p/s : on another totally unrelated note, i am - since last night - determined to play Freecell from game #1 right up to #1000000 . so far i've reached #58. :)