Monday, October 25, 2010

of being content and uncertainties

Iylia Elena once told me :

The line between your love for something and your pride of ownership over it is very thin. 

Boy! I hate it when she's right (which is pretty much all the time)!

When something goes wrong, being human, we tend to point the finger elsewhere. But like love, mishaps too, take two to tango. As much as it sucks being in the wrong, you can't deny that you too, have erred.

Wanting to be a part of someone's life is only understandable, especially when you're in love. But it is never okay to take full part. Your life is yours, and your partner's life is theirs. Some space, are simply not meant to be invaded.

With that,

*inhale* *exhale*

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not, then it's not the end."

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