Friday, October 8, 2010


1. im having one of those days. that day where i feel like strangling strangers.

2. ive been stuck at Freecell game #169 for thirty minutes and i still havent been able to solve it. at this rate i will be 45 when i finally finish game #1000000.

3. FRIENDS is still the only thing that's making me feel better on an awful day.

4. i used to think that Kristin Stewart was an abysmal actress. turns out it was just Bella Swan who was an airhead. 

5. the idea of synchronised swimming is really appealing right now, but i cant even swim to begin with so i might as well forget it.

6. i really dig Kevin McHale who plays the dude in the wheelchair in Glee. comellll.


jeff said...

you should come and see me. gerenti happy sentiasa. :D

Lya said...

freecell?! sep sikit! man that game got me through some very tough times (i shit u not) nanti i try game #169 :D

Merissa K. said...

Jepp : kenapa? ur planning to belanja me tehtarik ehh? :D

Lya :
try try tryyyyy. i still cannot finish it lagi. rasa mcm loser T_T

Ernie Azera said...

sha, jom ah synchronised swimming ngan i n maria bila kitorg datang. jom ah jom ahhh