Thursday, July 30, 2009

i learn something new everyday

while answering all those surveys, and facebook notes, and those blog tags,
there is always a new question whose answer made me realize something new about myself.

being trapped in my room like a pretty(yes, pretty. i sakit. biar la nak perasan) bird in a cage, i learnt something new.

some people feel claustrophobic in say, waist belts, or bras, but I! I feel suffocated in those jerebu masks. Im serious, im not even exaggerating this time. I cant breathe properly and i'd hyperventilate like a moron, feeling like the world is closing on me.

So now i cant even take a step out of my room, seeing i despise looking like a tukang potong rumput.

Tahniah la, duduk la engkau dalam bilik, bertapa. Silap silap, after one week nanti, kau dah ada 5 orang imaginary friend eh Tasha. :)

ah well, what has the world gotten to

I remember hearing this somewhere.

First date. He took her to a fast food restaurant and they were talking in the parking lot afterward.
He said, “You wanna fool around since I paid for your meal and all?
She said, “You want the $4 back?

It amazes repulses me to know how inappropriate some guys people can be. More often than not, when faced with a situation as such, people tend to be a bit slow coming up with a catty comeback. I know im slow that way. (im the kind of person who can only come up with a good retort after the bitch has walked away)

Some guys simply assume that they'll get away with that. Stupid. I dont know where the courage to become such an obnoxious ass come from.

And the best part is that, when a guy does it, people will say

"oh, he's just being a guy"

but when such behaviour comes from a girl, they go

"yeah she's a downright slut"

ah well, what has the world gotten to.

true that

Half of what i say is meaningless
but i say it just to reach you

-The Beatles

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh but i do!

talk about instant retribution!


i went to see the doctor and after waiting at the clinic for about 2 hours (thanks maria and reen sebab paksa and teman pergi), i was diagnosed .... and QUARANTINED!


im the 50th case(apparently its not 10), and so theyre shutting down UTP.

i have been asked not to be in contact with anyone this entire week, so from this moment on, i shall be known as Tasha the Hermit.

Please feel free to drop by here and ask how am i doing. because i will be glued to the computer for this whole week. bummer bummer.

the conversation with the little brother(yang sengal nak mampus, i might add)

Tasha : Azikkkk! u tau taaak. bodoh gila okay. sekarang they have made wearing masks compulsory! If tak pakai mask, you cant even masuk class!


Tasha : Penat je i beli baju baru stylo byk2. Last last kena pakai mask. macam mana org nak tau tu i!

Azik : Okaay. thats so stupid. hahahahahahahha. oh tolong la tasha. u pakai mask kat muka bukan chest.

Azik, what are u trying to imply hahhh? Sengal punya budak. Hahah. But you made me laugh on a terrible terrible day when i felt so sick. For that i love you, budak kecik!

inguinal hernia - i think you would wanna see this.

I came across this term on Ira's blog.

Anyways. The term inguinal hernia piqued my interest and thus leading to the part where i googled it.

Basically, in non-medic terms (to enhance the understanding of those yang fail Bio and yang nak dekat dekat dail mcm saya), inguinal hernia is basically a bulge on one or both sides of the groin. This is due to a part of the intestines that slipped out from its orbit. Heheh. Ada pahamm?

Anyways, its more common in men as opposed to women.

Getting to my point, the whole bulge thing was not what caught my attention. It was the picture i saw in wiki.

As you can see, there's a bulge on the top left part of the picture. Again, thats not my point.

Check out how smallllllll the dude's peenis is!!! Waahahahaha. Wee penis! Weenis!!! LOL.

Okay, so thats not very nice of me ( i hope that doesnt equate me to end up married to a guy with a smallie like that due to karma retribution). I swear im not a pervert, i just thought that this is effing hilarious. Hehehe.

To those who cant take a joke like a good sport, go away! Im sick. and i have the rights to entertain myself in the midst of my sickness. XD

p/s: the bulge itself is bigger than the whole thing that might be called a penis. LOL

touched, i am

during my internship, i handled a project at which i had to lay a deal with a metal recycling company.

i dont want to bore you with the technicalities of that (cehh. technical la sangat) but bottom point is, i cooked up a deal with this very very pleasant lady and lets just say the deal worked out for the best for both her company and mine (yeaaah. memang aku own aviation company pun!)

anyways, about two seconds ago, she called me up. she called the office and found out that im done with my internship and got my number from the new intern replacing me.

turns out, this lady just came back from Switzerland and the whole deal was sealed when she was still there. she came back bearing gifts in the form of a few boxes of Swiss chocolates for me!

I expect she was thankful for the few thousands i made for her company (and 3 thousand for the company i was working with. show off sikiit. heheh) and whats a few boxes of chocs next to a few thousands eyy?

so she told me to tell her as soon as i come back so she can pass the chocs to me as well as belanja lunch/dinner. woot woot.

id be weary if it was a paedophile lookalike but considering she's a very professional lady, im just gonna assume that she has been brought up with very good PR manners. hoho.

saya rasa dihargai!!

not me please. that dude over there lagi best, pergi la attack dia!

Rumor has it that UTP is two people short of closing down.
Yeah, im talking about the swine flu phenomenon.

We're down to 10 now and we need 12 to shutdown.
For one week now, ive been hoping that the bloody influenza will reach its target, granting us all an extra one week of lazing around and increasing the size of our butts at home (or some island somewhere, kepada rakan rakan saya yang cinta kan pulau, alam sekitar tiba tiba serta mabuk beach party ciss).

Yesterday i was coughing like an old gypsy on her deathbed. Phlegms and all. Yes, geli, i know.
Today, i have been visited by Encik Selsema. Im telling you. Im sneezing like there's no tomorrow. An entire towel has been dedicated to attend to my nose-blowing needs.

Pah. I know wanting two other people to be identified H1N1 positive is a selfish SELFISH wish, but i didnt want those two to be meeeeee!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaa. tak nak kena quarantine. cough, flu, shoo! Go awayy! Ive no intentions of erecting my white flags to you. Scram you annoying sickness!

Tak mau swine flu. Tak mau. Tak mau.

p/s: hina gila kalau muka saya keluar newspaper 'Natasha disahkan mati kerana selsema babi'.

Dissing The One from Togo.

oh no.
in general i do not have anything against people of the Togo nation.
but a particular one called Emmanuel Adebayor, i have a problem with.

it has nothing to do with conforming to all the other Arsenal fans.
no no no.

its just that, amidst all this kelam kabut of his move to Man City, my (pretty pretty Anna Sui themed) iGoogle page has been infested with his stupid statements. And now that im all stressed out due to some unfortunate workload (oh hello procrastination!) ive decided to lash out on what an egomaniac that ass of Ronaldo-punya-tahap-conceited player is.


"The way the fans behaved towards me was not nice at all. I cant understand why they were after me. I scored 30 goals in a season - it's not my fault that Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to sign me. In any summer, Barcelona try to sign Cesc Fabregas. But the fans never turned on him."

Get what i mean about him being pompous?

Yeah. Okay so he scored 30 goals back in the 07/08 season. Stop holding on to that dork! In the 08/09 season, his goals-to-games ratio was pathetic. I guess he was too comfortable thinking that he's the man and all.

The only thing i remembered him do in the last season was the half-okay performance when they were against Villareal. Besides that, nada. If i would want to be grateful about anyone's existance in the team last season, it definitely wont be Adebayor's. Kudos will have to go to say Arshavin (and perhaps even Bendtner) but not Mr Emmanuel here, no.

And yeah, be a sore loser and try to put the lights on Fabregas instead. Haha. At least Cesc wasnt being a greedy asshole. Unlike some people.

I dont know what Man City has up their sleeves, paying 25mil for a jerk like that. Haha. i guess theyre hoping that he'd do wonders and magic for them this coming season. Well, good luck with that. At least we are now 25 mil richer and one asshole shorter.


lash out session ends here.

frustration ey

There was once a young man who, in his youth, professed his desire to become a great writer.

When asked to define "great", he said : "I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff that people will react to on a truly emotional level, stuff that will make them scream, cry, howl in pain and anger!"

He now works for Microsoft, writing error messages.

Darn you error messages! Just you wait til i upgrade my RAM, harddisk and all those other IT jargon i cant even think of. Kalau kau buat hal jugak lagi lepas ni, aku tak tau la.

Pah! Now thats what i call a joke!

Q : What do you have when you have two little balls in your hand?
A : A man's undivided attention. ;)

Q : Why do women fake orgasm?
A : Because men fake foreplay.

and my secret would be....

im stuck on the 14th page.


i will not infiltrate this post with the ugly posters. 'nuff said

From the first time i saw the advert for the movie 'Sayang, You Can Dance' at the cinemas, ive been secretly wanting to watch it. Bagi moral support kat Gadaffi la konon. Well, i finally downloaded it from UTP's super duper coolyawesome file sharing network and ive to say that im glad i did not make anyone watch the movie with me at the cinema.

All that will get me is surely a whack in the head.

I saw the actors, and yeah its a Malay movie, but Samuel Rizal Sharifah Amani(who looks like a bad combo of a Mushroom and Chibimaruko btw) you would expect it couldnt have been that bad. Boy, was i wrong!

Pardon the lack of creativity in that one. hahah. PC is fucked up, tak boleh nak install Adobe. And thats what you get from Paint + laziness at 3 in the morning!

Anyway, back to what i was saying. It was pure crap. I mean, im sorry. But the script was badly written. The konon-konon Save the Last Dance dancesteps was badly choreographed ( i mean Heck! Star-D could have done a muuuuchh better job at it). The story line was more than predictable. And it was like watching a bad bad remake of Tan Sri P. Ramlee's Antara Dua Darjat.


At times like this, i mourn for Yasmin Ahmad.

Im sorry for gushing out about a movie that you might not even know existed. But im pissed cuz i spent over an hour of my time that couldve been better used elsewhere. tidur ke. ciss.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

curious curious

bila baru Malaysian movie nak ada kissing scene?


cuba teka kenapa

i dont wanna take a shower because i dont wanna wet/dirty kan my new friendship ankle bangle.

(alasan takut mandi air sejuk pagi pagi. haha)

the most painful thing in the world (exaggerated version)

it slowly fades away.
and now its gone.
and you can imagine my disappointment when you went away.

i cant talk to anyone.
i just cant.
i dont even have the heart to light up and puff everything away.
i can no longer be jolly and sing at the top of my lungs.

i cant. i cant.

because the darn sore throat kidnapped my voice.

Monday, July 27, 2009

*sad smile*

it has been a long time since ive been sure of the decisions that i make.

the confidence and assurance of whats right and whats not is a privilege that im no longer entitled to. its sad, really.

im lost without you.

im lost lost lost.

and now i see other people being sure of what they picked. and i envy those confidence.

why did you go off to them instead? is she any better than i am? does he have something better to offer?

i ponder.
and i yearn.
and i look longingly.

when will something like you, so tough so stable so sure and so complete, ever walk through my doors again.

people think its a joke. people think it doesnt mean shit to me.
you think im numb without emotion? think again.
your loss means too much for me that i cannot even afford a proper reaction.

and if you think you might be able to interpret this post, let me save you some time. ur wrong.
dead wrong.


means a wee penis.

we love talking crap, dont we?

Waiting to board our plane to Jakarta, we charged into one of those mindless cakap sampah conversations, Aisha Dzul and I.

Picking up on issues after issues like a monkey would a flea, we discovered a whole new theory that seem to make a lot of sense to us (move over, Einstein).

Kids who read comics will grow up to talk with a right amount of sampahness. :) and oh no, im not saying thats a bad thing. I mean, i myself grew up worshipping Dragonball. (refer to pic below). See how that turned out? :D

We believe that comic readers are the kind of people that makes the sarcastic of all sarcastic statements. I refuse to cut and paste from fellow comic-lovers, nanti kena tahan dengan ISA and kena sebat 74 kali. I still love my butt so no, you wont get any examples from me.

Roam around, read a few blogs, im sure ull get what i mean. ;)

p/s: Dragonball rocks and Trunks can get into my pants anytime he wants. LOL

Sunday, July 26, 2009


"I think you do love me..or you could love me..
But you're just too stubborn and scared to admit it
because the last time you really gave your heart to someone,
it got broken"

-jullian, one tree hill

the day i knew that i have to pay my summons

upon entering the gate of UTP, the uptight guards (yes, the ones wearing the masks nak prevent H1N1) will ask for your matric cards to ensure that you are indeed a UTP student (and not some random probable pembawa H1N1 from UITM nearby).

Today, as i drove by, and knowing that the mysterious guard behind the mask is gonna be annoying and ask us to produce our cards, i slowed down and fumbled with my purse.

He torched the windshield, checking for my nonexistant UTP car sticker (i havent had a sticker for the past 2 years and a half or so, hence resulting in my RM1020 summon total).

Mysterious Guard looked at me while i was still struggling to take my matrix card out from my purse and said "Hey Natasha, Natasha, dari dulu sticker awak tak buat buat jugak lagi..."

*congratulating self*

Tahniah la Sha. You are now on first name basis with the guards. I dont even frigging know how he came to know my name. over 5000 UTPians and about half of them has summon issues (this is a made up statistics) and its my name he remembers.

Must be due to that guard i ran over a few sems back. ;P

tiada title

float in the bittersweet
bye bye butterfly

writing down random things are just the best innit?

Friday, July 24, 2009

point to ponder

a bus station is where a bus stops
a train station is where a train stops
on my desk, i have a workstation...

Oh Father, Oh Father, I have come to confess
I have just left a girl in a terrible mess
Her blouse is all tattered, her tits are all bare
There's a lump in her belly that shouldnt be there

Oh son, Oh son, with you i invex
When i was your age, i used a durex
Oh Father, Oh Father, dont be unjust
I used one too, but the fucking thing bust!

seronok nya pergi class! :D

try and guess whether or not im being sarcastic!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

what does that make me?

the only difference between the saint and the sinner is that

every saint has a past


every sinner has a future

di dalam plane air asia

Dear passengers,
please fasten your seat belt and stay in that po-shee-shun (read: position) until we take off.
Ensure that your electronic de-vai-shes (read : devices) has been turned off.
Stay still in you shit (read : seat) until we tell you that it is okay for you to get your lazy bum up from the oh-so-sempit shit (read again : seat).

Oh, stewardess Air Asia.

*shakes head*

i kid you not.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

merengek. tak payah baca kalau malas.

bongok siot.

internet utp is usually slow mcm escargot. no, bukan macam siput babi. slower than that. cooked siput babi that is ready to be devoured by Frenchmen who ironically are too disgusted by the thought of eating shrimp paste and salted fish (Nico Arnaud Sebby Helene : no offence heheh).

But today, the day that im all excited nak post gambar Bandung and Jakarta, the internet is fast (oh, dont cheer just yet!) but unfortunately, i left my power cord at home so i cant fix my pc up until i get a new one at home.

and my pics are in a CD. im using Noin's laptop. and kelakar, Noin's laptop takde CD drive. gugugu.

im just ranting pointlessly. abaikan.

im back. or am i?

ive been isolated for weeks now
(hint. checkout the date of the last post)

too many things to blog about.
i hope i will get my lazy ass to start working and (for once) fill the page with updates.
tgk la nanti uhh.

i just got back from indonesia btw.
escaped the bombing massacre.
will get around to tht nanti.

til then,
love love.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

its annoying when ur viewing Arsenal's homepage and there's an MU advert popping up. potong dowh.

so far, it looks like Wenger wont be carting in as many players.
is that in the plan, or tak cukup duit, or the offer that he's putting in is simply not that attractive?
yang mana? yang mana?

all ive seen are contract extensions and the gunners telling the world, that no, theyre not going anywhere, theyre staying kat Arsenal.

Ho hum.

Im still trying to figure out what Arsene has hidden under his sleeves. It has better be something good.

Im tired of looking like the idiotic semangat lebih girl in the jersey at the end of the game. Kamaaan. Next season, i wont have to wake up at 8am to go to work. So i can sit still at the mamak and watch the game. Dont disappoint me.

(macam la Wenger baca blog ni kan? :P)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i read my secret on Postsecret today.

stuck in reverse

it is easy when its done traditionally.
well, maybe not easy per se, but definitely easier in comparison.
to what, you might ask?

well, id have to say its easier than doing it the supposed modern way.
it shouldnt even be considered modern.
no no no.

id have to say its so much more complicated when its done in reverse.

you no longer know what to say, what to do and how to act.
and theres no telling what to expect either.

so what do i do now?
cuz i cant take it back.
no, no, i cant.

id like to get the chance to do it the conventional way.
but its a little too late now, the realization.

we started at the finish line, and now i dont know where to head for the race.
do i go towards the starting line, or do i stay put.
and if i stay put, what is there for me to do?
wait til everyone finishes the race? but there shouldnt be anyone else in the race but me.
or at least thats how id like it to be.

im not making any sense, not even to myself.
so, as i always warn you when im not making any sense, dont even try to understand this post.

unless, of course, you are my colleagues or housemates whom i complain about this very problem each and every day, without fail. (i love u guys!)

kempen mari membaca

i bought more books.
not that im done cracking the 42 books i have at home.
the sale was insane, i couldnt resist.

first thing i looked for, ben elton's book.
i loved 3 out of 4 that i read before.
his cynicism, sarcasm and dark humour didnt go amiss.
and his metaphore for everything under the sun, dead on, im telling you.

(i mean, ive heard of people describing ugly babies as monkeys and prunes before, but old man's scrotum? thats a piece of genius man! i think ive mentioned this before. but i dont care. i think elton is hilarious)

i actually bought four more but i couldnt be bothered to google the frontpage. hehehe.
was actually trying to find some palahniuk but they were out of stock.
big bummer.
but at 5 for paperback and 10 for hardcover, i could hardly complain.

im thinking of going again tomorrow.
anyone who wants to come, ur more than welcomed to join me.

aisha, i know you want to. *winks*

of being unhappy

for once, i have gone ahead and did something that even i couldnt get myself out from.
yeah, it sucks i know.

and yeah, its my fault, i know.
but oh heck. it was a rut. i dont like being in ruts.
and so now im out.