Wednesday, July 29, 2009

not me please. that dude over there lagi best, pergi la attack dia!

Rumor has it that UTP is two people short of closing down.
Yeah, im talking about the swine flu phenomenon.

We're down to 10 now and we need 12 to shutdown.
For one week now, ive been hoping that the bloody influenza will reach its target, granting us all an extra one week of lazing around and increasing the size of our butts at home (or some island somewhere, kepada rakan rakan saya yang cinta kan pulau, alam sekitar tiba tiba serta mabuk beach party ciss).

Yesterday i was coughing like an old gypsy on her deathbed. Phlegms and all. Yes, geli, i know.
Today, i have been visited by Encik Selsema. Im telling you. Im sneezing like there's no tomorrow. An entire towel has been dedicated to attend to my nose-blowing needs.

Pah. I know wanting two other people to be identified H1N1 positive is a selfish SELFISH wish, but i didnt want those two to be meeeeee!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaa. tak nak kena quarantine. cough, flu, shoo! Go awayy! Ive no intentions of erecting my white flags to you. Scram you annoying sickness!

Tak mau swine flu. Tak mau. Tak mau.

p/s: hina gila kalau muka saya keluar newspaper 'Natasha disahkan mati kerana selsema babi'.

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