Thursday, July 30, 2009

i learn something new everyday

while answering all those surveys, and facebook notes, and those blog tags,
there is always a new question whose answer made me realize something new about myself.

being trapped in my room like a pretty(yes, pretty. i sakit. biar la nak perasan) bird in a cage, i learnt something new.

some people feel claustrophobic in say, waist belts, or bras, but I! I feel suffocated in those jerebu masks. Im serious, im not even exaggerating this time. I cant breathe properly and i'd hyperventilate like a moron, feeling like the world is closing on me.

So now i cant even take a step out of my room, seeing i despise looking like a tukang potong rumput.

Tahniah la, duduk la engkau dalam bilik, bertapa. Silap silap, after one week nanti, kau dah ada 5 orang imaginary friend eh Tasha. :)

1 comment:

jeff said...

it's okay you kena quarantine tasha.

me on the other hand, terpaksa stay kat utp membasmi zombies.