Monday, July 27, 2009

we love talking crap, dont we?

Waiting to board our plane to Jakarta, we charged into one of those mindless cakap sampah conversations, Aisha Dzul and I.

Picking up on issues after issues like a monkey would a flea, we discovered a whole new theory that seem to make a lot of sense to us (move over, Einstein).

Kids who read comics will grow up to talk with a right amount of sampahness. :) and oh no, im not saying thats a bad thing. I mean, i myself grew up worshipping Dragonball. (refer to pic below). See how that turned out? :D

We believe that comic readers are the kind of people that makes the sarcastic of all sarcastic statements. I refuse to cut and paste from fellow comic-lovers, nanti kena tahan dengan ISA and kena sebat 74 kali. I still love my butt so no, you wont get any examples from me.

Roam around, read a few blogs, im sure ull get what i mean. ;)

p/s: Dragonball rocks and Trunks can get into my pants anytime he wants. LOL

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