Wednesday, July 29, 2009

touched, i am

during my internship, i handled a project at which i had to lay a deal with a metal recycling company.

i dont want to bore you with the technicalities of that (cehh. technical la sangat) but bottom point is, i cooked up a deal with this very very pleasant lady and lets just say the deal worked out for the best for both her company and mine (yeaaah. memang aku own aviation company pun!)

anyways, about two seconds ago, she called me up. she called the office and found out that im done with my internship and got my number from the new intern replacing me.

turns out, this lady just came back from Switzerland and the whole deal was sealed when she was still there. she came back bearing gifts in the form of a few boxes of Swiss chocolates for me!

I expect she was thankful for the few thousands i made for her company (and 3 thousand for the company i was working with. show off sikiit. heheh) and whats a few boxes of chocs next to a few thousands eyy?

so she told me to tell her as soon as i come back so she can pass the chocs to me as well as belanja lunch/dinner. woot woot.

id be weary if it was a paedophile lookalike but considering she's a very professional lady, im just gonna assume that she has been brought up with very good PR manners. hoho.

saya rasa dihargai!!

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