Wednesday, July 29, 2009

talk about instant retribution!


i went to see the doctor and after waiting at the clinic for about 2 hours (thanks maria and reen sebab paksa and teman pergi), i was diagnosed .... and QUARANTINED!


im the 50th case(apparently its not 10), and so theyre shutting down UTP.

i have been asked not to be in contact with anyone this entire week, so from this moment on, i shall be known as Tasha the Hermit.

Please feel free to drop by here and ask how am i doing. because i will be glued to the computer for this whole week. bummer bummer.


Igniz said...

whoa, okay, i hate the word 'quarantine' sounds dangerous or something, even though it's not necessarily. get well soon.

p/s: sorry for the earlier comment btw. didn't mean it that way honestly.

A'a said...

you kena H1N1 ke? or just demam biasa? =/ either way, get well soon!!

Just_najmiE said...

wahh, diagnosed with H1N1 ka?..

hope you're ok.. drink lotsa plain water k, it'll flush the virus out of your system, if not all, some..

get well soon!

s h a g o o said...


tasha. jangan dekatt dengan i.

so, u balik umah x?

Elena said...

Seriously, I already miss you!

Merissa K. said...

no offence taken. just didnt want other people to get confused. :)
and thanks for the well wishes.

Lets hope its NOT H1N1. god forbid. ughh. hahahaha. and thank you. *grins*

yknow, ill try and do that. hahah. dah kembung perut dah from drinking all that water ok. tsk tsk. hahah.

hahahaha. tak tak tak dekat. :P manade blk rumah.. nanti infect org lain pulak. huhu. kena laa duduk sini diam diam. besides, u nak datang kan? hee.

and i, you too. huhuhu. i feel so uncomfortable. i want to snuggle and talk to you guys in ur rooom. tak suuuukaaaaa tak boleh cakap. :(