Friday, May 29, 2009

be patient okay?

saya ni degil.
saya tahu.
(im stubborn.
i know that.)
tunggu la! hang mai aloq setaq, kepala hang aku putaq!

(hee hee. comel la cerita P. Ramlee)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

bonus question!

tasha suka pakai subang sebelah lain, sebelah lain
ala, dia kan yang tak balanced tu

tasha suka jatuhkan barang, tumpahkan air
ala, dia kan yang clumsy tu

tasha suka tukar tukar order bila pergi kedai makan
ala, dia kan yang fickle tu

tasha suka cakap and gelak kuat kuat
ala, dia kan yang extra loud tu
tasha suka repeat soalan over and over again
ala, dia kan yang curious lebih tu

Tasha tu apa sebenarnya?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

artwork at work. :)


oh yess.
i can run after you.
i can forget all about my ego.
i can make the first move.

yes yes i can do all that.

dont jual mahal until im too tired to run.
dont leave it until i dont see the point anymore.

dont play games with me.
because i might not be in the mood.

the tale of a makcik

was locked out of my own house yesterday.
there i was, looking pathetic, duduk bersila in front of my door.
was actually planning to wait until my bimbotic sister comes home

an indian makcik from a few houses away
had a ritual going on
she was burning incense stick
and the smell got too much for me to bear

(i can just hear the 'i' word from my two gigolos.)

siot punya adik,
balik rumah lambat.

Go Gunners #6

oh we may have lost on so many levels.
we won the FA Youth Cup ( first time in eight years!!) against Liverpool.


Watt scored the first goal.

And the second goal was Liverpool's own goal.
Double whee.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

talk about being in denial!

I had to load up on the Health issue for the HSE board at work.
And i came up with 'Worrying Facts about Smoking!'
(yeah talk about being a hypocrite!)
Below are the facts and the behind-the-scene conversation between me and my colleagues (who, of course, are smokers)

FACT : 50% of Malaysian men are smokers.
ARGUMENT : yeah and out of the other 50%, half of them lied about smoking in the bloody survey.

FACT : In Kuala Lumpur, the ratio of men to women smokers are 5 : 1
ARGUMENT : and yet the ratio of smoking in this office is probably close to 150 : 1 . I dont think so we are in KL.

FACT: 60-75% of cigarette smoke will be inhaled by non-smokers.
ARGUMENT : Thus, it proves the point that its always better to smoke than not to.

FACT : Only 50% of smokers get to live to reach the age 70.
ARGUMENT : And is that not better than reaching 90 and having to live with arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, dementia and senility instead of lung cancer. Same shit, only worse baby.

FACT : Malaysians spend RM1.5 billion each year to buy cigarettes.
ARGUMENT : dont look at it as wasting money, look at it as generating a HUGE portion of the nation's income.

smokers should be on debate teams.

What We Learn From the Movies

  • It is always always possible to park directly in front of any building you are visiting
  • A detective can only solve a case once he has been suspended from duty.
  • If you start dancing in the middle of the street, everyone you bump into will automatically know all the steps.
  • Most laptops are powerful enough to override the communication systems of any invading alien civilization.
  • It does not matter if you are heavily outnumbered in a fight, your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one by one, dancing around in a threatening manner until you have knocked out their predecessors.
  • No one involved in a car chase, hijacking, explosion, volcanic eruption, murder scene will ever go into shock.

extracted from

you. yes you.

i miss talking to you tau tak!

Monday, May 25, 2009

have you heard about the 3 men who meditated?

3 men were to meditate in a cave for 100 years.

Since they will be in there for a long time, each men were given one wish to ask for something that they want to keep them entertained in the duration of 100 years.

The first man is a womanizer. Thus, he asked for Playgirl-like women to keep him company in the cave.
The second man is a bookworm. Thus, he asked for enough books to last him for a century.
The third man is a heavy smoker. Thus, he asked for enough cigarettes to last him for 100 years.

Guess what happens to them after they were released 100 years later?
(assuming that men can live that long)

The first man was released and you can see that his cave was infested by children of all ages. They literally crawled all over the cave.

The second man came out fully educated and intelligent and could answer all of the questions posed on him.

The third man came out, looking all stressed out, and rushed to the first person he saw and asked:
"Bang, ada lighter tak?"

They Who Shall Not Be Named

you might not know this, but here i am, letting you know.
YOU are the epitome of a saviour.
Because there are people like you,
people like me are still standing strong.

You keep us grounded.
You are the glue that holds people together.
You make us calm during points of total chaos.
You give people something to look up to, something to be hopeful about.

You genuinely care, and it is so genuine, that others feel it.
Most of all, you rightfully earned the respect that you've gotten.

You may not know this.
But having you around makes me that much saner.
You are one of those friends that anyone would kill to have.

I guess you will never know that you mean the world to someone else.
Well, now you know.


i like it better when im on top.

im in love with my anna sui theme!

igoogle is the smartest invention yet.
'nuff said.

Friday, May 22, 2009


im deleting pics from facebook.
who's ever gonna browse through 326 pics anyway kan?
omg. serious penat.

thank you mister

to that person who stubbed the cigarette when it still has potential in it,
i hereby thank you.

thank you,
because it was as if you knew i was gonna be at the studio,
out of cigarettes.

it was as if you knew i was gonna be stuck there,
with a bunch of non smokers.

it was as if you knew 7-Eleven was faaar away.

thank you.

RATATAT is coming to town!!!

yeap yeap.
the awesome possum duo is coming to town!
all the way from New York to Kay Ell babyyy!

So maybe im just daydreaming.
I dont even have enough cash to catch them live.
But a girl can dream, cant she?
I remember falling in love with the music the first time Ina Banana let me listen to them.
Seventeen Years became the soundtrack of our Foundation years.
And ever since, its a must have on my driving-back-to-and-from-UTP on my CD player.

Mr Mike Stroud and Evan Mast

im looking forward to let you electrify me.

bring on Mirando, Shempi and Lex!
Oh,and obviously, Seventeen Years!


loadsa love,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

listen to me.
be grateful for whatever you are equipped with.
because at any point of life, it can be taken away.

and the things that you use to cherish might just POOF! go away.

some shit happened at work.
i dont wanna delve into it.

but today, ive began to appreciate what ive had all this while.

sorry gila mellow, but i dont feel the least bit upbeat about any of the argggggggghhH!!!

ok, cue to stop .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the murderous task of the day is...

to take the noise reading of the production floor
all in all, there's a total of 1326 of readings to be taken.

and there i was complaining a month ago when i had to take the light reading.
i thought 640 readings are a whopping number.

salah rupanya.

Monday, May 18, 2009

will you play tic-tac-toe with me?

its one of those days.
when i had those stupid revelations that i do not need to have.
okay, so this post is a few days to late.
tasha kan yang lagging tu.

ina called when i was at work.
car broke down in the middle of nowhere.
and she was stranded.

"ok ok ill come get you"

we're big enough to be driving our own cars
and being at work when friends call to say that their cars broke down

im afraid im no longer the 16 year old that i thought ill always be.


i cried today
not because you have upset me
and not because i am sad
but because
i miss us

of tears streaming down the cheek

Thank you :

For being honest about ur feelings
For understanding me better than I understand myself
For trying so hard to make amends
For trying to fix what’s broken
For telling me the truth
For looking after my feelings
For giving me a wonderful experience of a first love
For being my bestfriend when Hafizah is so far away
For taking care of me when I am sick
For not being overprotective
For not asking me to give up the things that I love
For not asking me to be someone I am not
For always making me laugh
For making me so proud to have you around
For not giving up on me
For everything you’ve done for the name of this relationship

Its not that I don’t wanna try
It’s not that it’s not worth giving another shot at
It’s not that id rather be with someone else than you
It’s just that I’m scared to death of bringing this barrier down.
This barrier that ive built for the past three months.
This barrier that kept me from crying night after night
That kept me from hearing the ugly ugly words that I do not need to hear

For I fear, that by tearing down the barrier, I will once again, be broken.

Friday, May 15, 2009

saya adalah kacukan kura kura dan siput babi

saya ni memang tak punctual eh?
kenapa on the occasion that saya datang kerja awal,
or worse still, on time,
org akan assume saya tak tidur lagi,
sebab tu capable datang awal


Thursday, May 14, 2009

three times the marijuana

im still at the office.
dead bored as always
(whats new?)
so i came across this report.
apparently, as of this year, Marijuanas
(also known as weed, bo, cannabis, ganja, hash, grass, maryjane, dope, pot)
oh saya tak tahu sebenarnya, saya google je ;P
are three times as potent as they were 30 years back.
random info.

he likes them young

oh so now he's taking on the 16 year old.
who has the name like my late reptile.

Mr. Damian Martinez,
i hope you're worth it.

i know you're never gonna read this.

but please,
if this guy proves to be half as good as Almunia
dont find stupid flimsy ways to let him walk.

its a bit too early to say things like these
but im tired of
coming to the office and getting bashed

please dont add another reason for us to be laughed at.

eh apa aku merepek ni.

Go Gunners!

i solemnly promise not to talk as loud!

I watched Bohsia last night.

Lesbian date with InaBasta. Ngeeh. Dah la rambut same length! But then again lesbo couples rarely look the same kan? Kan? Kan?
(wouldn’t know sebab saya tak pernah ada lesbian relationship.curious sebenarnya, but lets get more into that in a different post okay?)

There’s this chick in that movie bearing my name (takde nama lain ke haa?) and OMFG she was uber loud! And she says ‘dowh’ repeatedly.

“Gua penat DOWWWH”
“Lu apehal DOWHH nak cari pasal dgn gua”

Double Bleugh.
Triple Bleugh.

Im soo gonna find a replacement word for dowh.

this is why im studying to become an engineer instead of a teacher

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Paraskavedekatriaphobia is phobia of Friday the 13th. (ini khas untuk Paan)

The phobia of returning home is called nostophobia (bukan homophobia)

circle yang berpintal pintal

it would be less complicated if nobody opened their mouth to begin with
but it would be nice to know the truth right from the source

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ironic bastard

distance and time dont play a part
it doesnt mend a broken heart
face karma if you want to heal
and dont deny that the pain is real

at least find the courtesy to be honest with me

the kind of irony
that life has in store for you
is something
that you'd never expect

maybe life is meant
to be as topsy turvy

or maybe
we were the ones
who created
to begin with

Monday, May 11, 2009


Dear All,

Iylia and i am in the process of setting a blog as a medium to sell our line of vintage clothing (at an extremely worth it price!).

Once it is up and running, if you love us, do come and drop by. :)

Mesej ini dibawakan kepada anda oleh Kementerian Pembeli-Belahan.
Sekian terima kasih.


Friday, May 8, 2009

you(yes YOU!) made my day

I not only laugh at your sarcastic remarks
but also
to the smart aleck comebacks
I come up with in return

Thursday, May 7, 2009

its 9pm and im still at the office

this is gonna be a really deep and corny one.
bear with me.
(kalau tak suka, boleh berhenti baca dan pergi main jauh jauh)

im in this unpopable bubble living in my own world.
i cherish the fact that my parents are (in my opinion) uber cool and understanding. and perhaps, the fact that they might have given up on lecturing me sebab penat diorg ckp, tak pernah saya nak dengar.

my mom is one of my closest friend.
or at least she used to be.
ive been studying in UTP for four years now and every single day, without fail she would call me in the range of 1-3 times.

and bukan bual yang pendek pendek yer? ni stock yang gayut dgn boyfriend ckp 47 minutes each phone call utk update the new breakups and gambar pool party tersebar di internet(dalam utp saja setahu saya).

and my dad, he's the funniest. he's more serious now though. but at random times, he'll crack up the funniest joke. you should hear his indian impersonation! gelak guling guling saya dengar. (meet me personally, ill show you the impersonation. :P oh and to nadim and as, saya tak racist! hoho)

my sister. she's 8 years younger than me. but for all i know, she should be 8 years older. she's so freaking responsible and she loves me to bits(i swear to God im not making this up!). That 13 year old scrawny model-wannabe bugger will help me korek her own tabung in the occasion that i dont have enough money to buy ciggie/isi minyak kereta to go to work/shopping baju murah at bijou bazaar.
Yes yes im evil mcm kakak tiri Cinderella.

My sister does most of the work at home. And she listens to me more than she listens to my mom. Konon konon, nak jadi cool. Though ive never told her this, but i love that kid to bits. If she's not around, tak tau lah. Huhu.

I am always this ego bastard when it comes to showing emotions to my family. I love them and im telling you, i appreciate them but i rarely let it show. I dont know why.

And today, for the first time in a veeeeery long while, i realized how mean i can sometimes be. How i should show them that i like being around them. And how i wish i couldve been a better role model to my siblings.

This is sappy, i know. But to think about it, i probably dont deserve half the respect that i get. I rarely help out at home(because im rarely home). Im never around in the weekends. I dont hangout and do family things with them anymore.

Sheesh. I dont even wanna think about the shitty things that ive done.

I feel like going home today and giving them all a huge bear hug after this.
But its sad to know that i probably wont.

Ish Sha, jangan ego sangat please?
you know..
a hug would be nice right about now.
i was waiting for you to offer,
but you never did.
i guess you were too scared.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i got a phone call early in the morning.

colleague: weyy apa cerita kalah 3-0
me : eyy. tolong la kira penalty tu.

p/s: i hate the hitzfm DJs this morning for their "bakar Arsenal & Liverpool fans" session.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a hair pulling sensation

today at work 
Shafiq came to visit.

those are pictures from his last day at work btw.

anywhoos, we had a little birthday celebration for boss department sebelah.
she is this cute little petite thing yang have the ability to entertain you all day long.

Kak Iza turned 3113 today.
as we took the cake out for her to tiup tiup, i recorded her bday speech (atas permintaan ramai).

Kak Iza being camera shy made me stop recording, 
bila tak successful, she made me delete it.

im serious.
she MADE me.

she literally pulled my hair like you would normally expect to see in a bitchfight dalam wrestling show. 
she was like "delete cepat! Tasha! delete! kalau tak i tarik kuat lagi!''

Boy, she wasnt kidding.


"Kalau i boleh buat kat Fatim(thats my boss btw) i takde hal nak buat kat anak buah dia!"

huhu. tak sangka this smaaaaall lady yang muka comel nak mampus boleh tahan brutal 
(wahahah. lama tak guna the word brutal! LOL)

so itu lah conclusion nya.

hari ni my hair was yanked. 

30 going on 13 uhh? 
*wink wink*

p/s: i think im in love with the word literally. XD

go gunners part 5(?)

oh tonight we shall kick ass
(i said kick, not kiss)
oh yes we shall we shall

and if we lose at our own field
and i dont get my beauty sleep
expecting to face a handful of MU tormentors at work tomorrow morning
oh yes, i shall take an MC

but dont worry
im pretty sure you'll be seeing me at my desk
not working,
probably chatting online and blogging

oh, but yes, 
ill be at work
heck, ill come to work in my jersey!

so watch me
watch me 
watch us while we beat you
at Emirates.

we'll see you by the goalpost.

ok sekian terima kasih
dah habis merepek
oh dear
you like being in a mess dont you
as beautiful as it might be

kau tak tahu

you should already know that there is nothing i like better than a good challenge.

but you should also know that maybe i am tired of playing games.

Monday, May 4, 2009

ke hadapan Encik Syazwan bin Ramlan

dengan ini saya memohon maaf kerana tidak mampu bangun ketika anda mengejutkan saya di mamak beberapa hari yang lalu.

sesungguhnya saya teramat la penat sehingga tidak mampu membuka mata mahu pun mengeluarkan kata kata yang koheren (thats coherent in malay no?).

maaf kerana kamu bersungguh sungguh menggoyangkan kaki saya dan merasuah saya dengan teh tarik suam segelas tapi saya tidak berlakon. saya memang 3/4 mati ketika itu.

saya berjanji akan membalas budi anda di lain hari.

sekian terima kasih.

p/s: maaf juga ditujukan kepada cik yaya dan cik shasha kerana mencuba dgn penuh gigih untuk mengejutkan saya di pagi hari. maaf, katil saya gusang. :P

mati tatkala tidur?

i just discovered that i tend to meracau and talk utter crap when im deeply asleep.

yesterday, i slept at 530 in the morning, knowing that im going to wake up in an hour or so for a mamak session. at 630, my friends jumped on the bed and shook me from under the covers.

"Sha, Bangun! Bangun! Jom la pergi Ameeth!"
"Ughhh. Kenapa laju sangat???"

"Sha bangun la cepaaaat. Jom la pergi... Diorg dah tunggu dah ni.."
"Takmau la. I tak nak bangun. Katil i gusang!"

Needless to say, they stopped trying (possibly after spending an ample time trying to figure out what gusang means) and they left for mamak without me.

Tapi kali ini, saya tak kisah kena tinggal. Padan muka. Siapa suruh tidur mati?

lalat umur 27 tahun yang hot

Last weekend was unexpectedly awesome.

I hate the fact that im the youngest among the six and still, i look like im the eldest! We were playing the roadtrip game

Who among the six of us looks the oldest?
They unanimously pointed the finger at me. And the age is 27, thank you very much. its nice to know that i look 6 years older than i really am.

AND they said i looked like a lalat because i was wearing a lalat shades.

In rebutttal, i posed another question:
Who among the six of us is the hottest?
I answered, ME! you could hear the sound of crickets coming from the other 5.

hence, i was the 27 year old lalat yang paling hot.


(im totally not forcing u lot to understand the point of this post, because frankly i know its just sampah. ;P )

We went scouting for clothes to sell, and i fell in love with most of the things that i found, im kind of stuck in a rut, feeling like i want to keep them instead of selling. :P

I learnt many things during the weekend.

Like, some vegetables have the ability and power to bring people together. *wink wink* Aaaand, that sarcasm goes a long way. And that people are not exactly what you always expect them to be.