Monday, May 25, 2009

They Who Shall Not Be Named

you might not know this, but here i am, letting you know.
YOU are the epitome of a saviour.
Because there are people like you,
people like me are still standing strong.

You keep us grounded.
You are the glue that holds people together.
You make us calm during points of total chaos.
You give people something to look up to, something to be hopeful about.

You genuinely care, and it is so genuine, that others feel it.
Most of all, you rightfully earned the respect that you've gotten.

You may not know this.
But having you around makes me that much saner.
You are one of those friends that anyone would kill to have.

I guess you will never know that you mean the world to someone else.
Well, now you know.


Igniz said...

ok, that's not me, obviously...huhuhu:P

wana said...

alahai u nh.susah2 je tulis post psl i.hahahaha