Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a hair pulling sensation

today at work 
Shafiq came to visit.

those are pictures from his last day at work btw.

anywhoos, we had a little birthday celebration for boss department sebelah.
she is this cute little petite thing yang have the ability to entertain you all day long.

Kak Iza turned 3113 today.
as we took the cake out for her to tiup tiup, i recorded her bday speech (atas permintaan ramai).

Kak Iza being camera shy made me stop recording, 
bila tak successful, she made me delete it.

im serious.
she MADE me.

she literally pulled my hair like you would normally expect to see in a bitchfight dalam wrestling show. 
she was like "delete cepat! Tasha! delete! kalau tak i tarik kuat lagi!''

Boy, she wasnt kidding.


"Kalau i boleh buat kat Fatim(thats my boss btw) i takde hal nak buat kat anak buah dia!"

huhu. tak sangka this smaaaaall lady yang muka comel nak mampus boleh tahan brutal 
(wahahah. lama tak guna the word brutal! LOL)

so itu lah conclusion nya.

hari ni my hair was yanked. 

30 going on 13 uhh? 
*wink wink*

p/s: i think im in love with the word literally. XD


Igniz said...

main tarik2 wambut lak ie....XD

Merissa K. said...

jjeah baby! tarik tarik rambut okay! :)