Monday, May 4, 2009

lalat umur 27 tahun yang hot

Last weekend was unexpectedly awesome.

I hate the fact that im the youngest among the six and still, i look like im the eldest! We were playing the roadtrip game

Who among the six of us looks the oldest?
They unanimously pointed the finger at me. And the age is 27, thank you very much. its nice to know that i look 6 years older than i really am.

AND they said i looked like a lalat because i was wearing a lalat shades.

In rebutttal, i posed another question:
Who among the six of us is the hottest?
I answered, ME! you could hear the sound of crickets coming from the other 5.

hence, i was the 27 year old lalat yang paling hot.


(im totally not forcing u lot to understand the point of this post, because frankly i know its just sampah. ;P )

We went scouting for clothes to sell, and i fell in love with most of the things that i found, im kind of stuck in a rut, feeling like i want to keep them instead of selling. :P

I learnt many things during the weekend.

Like, some vegetables have the ability and power to bring people together. *wink wink* Aaaand, that sarcasm goes a long way. And that people are not exactly what you always expect them to be.


zalikha anas said...

glad u had fun,next sem when ur back here in tronoh.we go same2 if we're bored k.

Igniz said...

heehee..comel la post nih:P

Merissa K. said...

Ikayes baby, kita kena road trip. i nak pg lagi kot next month. :)

ignizoh terima kasih. saya kan yang comel tu. lalat yang comel.

s h a g o o said...

saya mahukan trip itu lagi.
bersama-sama 6org yg sama juga.
bolehkah? bolehlah~ *winks*