Tuesday, May 5, 2009

go gunners part 5(?)

oh tonight we shall kick ass
(i said kick, not kiss)
oh yes we shall we shall

and if we lose at our own field
and i dont get my beauty sleep
expecting to face a handful of MU tormentors at work tomorrow morning
oh yes, i shall take an MC

but dont worry
im pretty sure you'll be seeing me at my desk
not working,
probably chatting online and blogging

oh, but yes, 
ill be at work
heck, ill come to work in my jersey!

so watch me
watch me 
watch us while we beat you
at Emirates.

we'll see you by the goalpost.

ok sekian terima kasih
dah habis merepek


wana said...

mnang x?hahahaha

Merissa K. said...

tak menang.

kalah 3-1.

1 tu pun penalty.
hmph. benci sedih mengantuk.

wana said...

i noe.sb tu i tnye.hahaha