Tuesday, May 26, 2009

talk about being in denial!

I had to load up on the Health issue for the HSE board at work.
And i came up with 'Worrying Facts about Smoking!'
(yeah talk about being a hypocrite!)
Below are the facts and the behind-the-scene conversation between me and my colleagues (who, of course, are smokers)

FACT : 50% of Malaysian men are smokers.
ARGUMENT : yeah and out of the other 50%, half of them lied about smoking in the bloody survey.

FACT : In Kuala Lumpur, the ratio of men to women smokers are 5 : 1
ARGUMENT : and yet the ratio of smoking in this office is probably close to 150 : 1 . I dont think so we are in KL.

FACT: 60-75% of cigarette smoke will be inhaled by non-smokers.
ARGUMENT : Thus, it proves the point that its always better to smoke than not to.

FACT : Only 50% of smokers get to live to reach the age 70.
ARGUMENT : And is that not better than reaching 90 and having to live with arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, dementia and senility instead of lung cancer. Same shit, only worse baby.

FACT : Malaysians spend RM1.5 billion each year to buy cigarettes.
ARGUMENT : dont look at it as wasting money, look at it as generating a HUGE portion of the nation's income.

smokers should be on debate teams.


Igniz said...

If you're capable to argue and talk this smart, then I believe you're capable to make anybody you want fall in love with you...;]

Merissa K. said...

surprisingly, that's not the case! hmmm. cammane? haha.